Possible to complete advanced challenge with only 4* heroes?


I have just completed the intermediate challenge event and ended up with rank 100. I don’t think I can get into the top 50, let alone keep staying there.

I saw that the advanced challenge gives fine gloves for completion, which I really need. But I don’t have an advanced team and I’m not very confident to be able to complete it. On the other hand, I can complete the rare quest easily using healers and Kailani, so maybe it’s worth trying and investing the needed resources?

Is it even remotely possible if I try with a really strong-defense setup? I have e.g.:

  • 2x Boldtusk, both level 60
  • Kiril level 60
  • Kashrek level 60
  • Sonya level 70
  • Tiburtus level 70
  • Wu kong level 70
  • Kailani level 50

Do you think it’s worth trying or is it just wasting resources? If yes, what setup should I use?


I think you can do it - smart item planning and completely ignoring the timer can do a lot in these challenges. I will be attempting with only 1 5* and all 4*. I usually see how hard it gets as I advance and I am also tracking beginner (colors, boss color, etc.) to tweak my team for advanced. So if it’s heavy red I will bring 2 blues, heavy green 2 reds, etc.


I think the Event lasts 3 days, the rare Quest lasts 1. I’m doing the rare quest first, then playing catch-up on the Event.

You can do it! :slight_smile:


I have only one 5* hero but i’m aiming on top 50.
You can do it pal.


If I were you I’d use BTx2 WuKong Sonya and Kiril if you’re going to try. you’ve got double sharp gems vs two of the boss colors (krestrel and cabin boy/lady locke) and Wu will help all the gems kill it.


That’s exactly what I’m intending, if I finish it Ill come back and reply to this thread.


I can’t believe I actually did it! The last stage was a hell of a fight, but I made it on the 3rd attempt. Now I’m completely out of battling items :stuck_out_tongue:

In the last stage, I used Boldtusk, Kashhrek, Kiril, Sonya, Wu Kong (the first three are only tier 3, that’s why I put kashhrek in the middle to keep them alive). Brought health potions, mana, small antidotes (small is important, you can bring 10), 4 time stops. I went all in and used all the time stops. I ignored the timer and planned all moves carefully. Also, I manaed up before killing the last hero in earlier waves.

And the epic hero token gave me Justice (not the 5* I would have picked, but still very nice reward). Thanks for encouraging me, I may not have tried without it :slight_smile:


I completed both Intermediate and Advanced with roughly the same team. BT WuKong Chao Grimm (all 70) and then either Kelile (4/65) or Richard (3/63, but not for intermediate) depending on mobs and bosses for that stage. fairly easy. Advanced stage 8 gave me some problems, but 9 was easy. 10 I used timestops and tornados so that was that. 601k total intermediate 664k total advanced. roughly 187th place and 162nd place as of this post (will drop). You need to get 50th or better to get more ascension materials, so I’ll probably skip that as I don’t really have the items for it…

TL:DR yes a a team of 70s can beat advanced.


Completed Advanced with my team without a hitch. Used a 5 health potions, 4 antidotes, and 5 arrows for the final boss fight. Not even bombs or any such fanciness. Had mana potions at hand, but didn’t need them (wasn’t going for time, figured it makes no sense with just 4*s).

Kiril (lvl 61 final ascension), Li Xiu (level 45 final ascension), Wukong (level 46 final ascension), Gormek (level 50 final ascension) and Sonya (level 60 not ascended fully).

So not even one level 70 us needed :stuck_out_tongue: And no Tornados and other advanced stuff if you don’t have any. It’s pretty okay, just make sure to load up your guys before going into boss fight (I entered with 5 prepared specials) and don’t have a garbage board.


Ok I come back with update, I have finished advanced as well with a team of 4*, only 1 of them max out, most of them around 4/50± and 1 of them 3/60, i only used 9 antidotes and 3 bombs.


Common theme here is Wukong, and a good board.

Essentially the game in a nut shell.

Congrats all who finished it!


You give me hope!!! :wink:


I beat the Advanced stage with one 5-star, Justice (at tier 3, level 70), and a nearly maxed (tier 4) team of Caedmon, Sonya, Gormek, and Sabina.

I had to use a few tornadoes and a fair share of heals, mana potions, and antidotes to get me through stages 9 and 10, but I was so happy to complete it.