Possible team idea talk me out of it

Would a team of Almur , Fura, Mist , Some blue hammer either Isarnia or Richard and Mother North be a good idea ? Health reduction x2 ( almur and fura ) mana reduction mist , a defense down hero (Almur) and a stout healer in the middle ? Richard has average mana over Isarnia . I could swap Mist for Li Xiu as well.

Is this a good idea or will they get smashed because none of them hit hard outside of Richard ? Kind of new to game so I could use some advice .

Almur’s elemental defense down won’t work on your defense team because defenders attacks are colorless (fierce slash). Other skills you mention would have value and make an interesting combo.

Having the blue hero to balance the two greens is a good idea to slow down those who would stack red against you.

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I really like the mana , healing and health control of the specials . It was an idea to annoy other players tbh. Thanks for feedback .

Try it out on offense and see how it works. If you win versus high powered teams, it could be fun. Variety is nice…

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