Possible Skadi Bug when used w zocc?

I was in a raid and enemies left were rigard, zocc and Skadi while I had full team including mitsuko. Mitsuko charged, fired and her effect was applied. Zocc fired and mitsukos skill changed to mindless attack, not at bottom but like it was her main skill. It took away mitsukos reflect from all the other allies as well and it should have had several turns left. I waited and Skadi went off which I thought should kill her but she hit mitsuko and the rest which didn’t damage Skadi . I don’t mean in the list of effects at bottom, it listed her skill as mindless attack period. It also removed the reflect blue from all my heroes as well. Mitsuko had fired first so I figured Skadi should then fire and get hurt like other blue heroes i.e. Frida, Alice, snow white, Magni etc. It was odd to see the full skill change to mindless attack not have it appear at bottom but at top like this was her main skill.

I thought zocc would work like hansel, gretel, pixie and
I understand the mindless attack but mitsuko had already fired her skill before zocc. Zocc went then next round was Skadi but nothing happened to Skadi since only skill mitsuko had was mindless attack not as status ailment but it changed the main skill.

I posted here but can move to bugs. I should have got screen shots as well but wanted to see if this was a bug. If mits fired first her skill is on her and others. Next round zocc would hit her and add Mana and would make her hit an ally but not change her skill just add as an ailment. And I certainly didn’t think it would understand other allies so mits reflect wouldnt hurt Skadi.

Thx for any help and if a mod wants to move I’m ok with that. I will try to reproduce if I can w pics or vid.

This is how it does/ should work. There isn’t a “dispell” component to Zocc’s skill so shouldn’t remove the Blue Shield from all Mitsuko’s allies if she had already fired.

Defs grab vid/ pics if you can reproduce.

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