Possible Season 4 Fungal Caves Mission Issue

I checked my missions and saw a Season 4 Fungal Caves Mission had me at 0/100 even though I finished level 6 on normal, Dikarya Valley, which is part of the Fungal Caves Biome. Am I missing something here or is it necessary to complete both normal and hard levels to increment this number? I did not notice during the first Biome mission so I have no point of reference.

Strange… I’ve finished S4 province 6 normal as well and it did count towards the mission. :face_with_monocle:

I guess you’ll need to contact customer service.

Are you sure that you have not just completed the previous mission?

If you finished the previous mission AFTER you completed the province 6 stages, the number would be at 0. The counter starts once you unlock the mission.

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That is a possibility as I played straight through without checking anything. I don’t remember if I completed level 6 before or after I collected the gems but I am betting it was done before. Thanks.

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