Possible return of old bug

Has anyne noticed an increased hit by the titans after Boldtusk fired his special?
A few days ago an 8 Holy titan killed a 78/4 Sartana, in the back row, with just one shot. She was with full hp. Then it managed to kill, also with one shot each, a fully maxed wu, a 76/4 Isarnia, fully maxed tusk, 72/4 lianne and a 64/3 panther. Game over in less than 20 seconds. A long time beta tester mentioned that long ago there was this boldtusk bug, whereas the titan would also have more attack. Unfortunately that attack was not registered. Today I did register a suspicious attack, where a green 8* had an average 400 + hit in both Sartana and Natalya, which was increased to 600+ after Tusk fired his special. I will continue to document, but wonder if anyone noticed something like that
Edit: I am referring to normal hits, not specials, and the titan specials were not in effect during thise hits

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Natalya before and after

Sartana, 2 hits before Tusk special and one after

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Wow… this is insane. Such bugs can transform expectations to a total unknown what to do and what is better, if to not notice such things. I think there should be individual theme “bugs of the game that ruin all and devs who can’t react on it”. As I recently saw there were a tone of “same” bugs, also they confirmed that there was hack of their servers when a lot of people received a lot of materials etc, but nothing said about that delay or punishment. So the game is chaos and everybody famous RNG! But in last case RNG means - hack and receive or play right and here more complexity to you without reason. Lasy SGG stop try to collect money with a shovel and start to do something and react to community.

As I said I am not sure, that is why I am asking for confirmation. Old bugs are saned, but I have no idea how much copy and paste goes on. As for the undocumented holy killing Sartana with one hit, nothing short of a double damage, enhanced critical hit comes to mind. Hopefully someone can come out with other alternative, also hoping they believe she was untouched before

Hmmm… I think you are making a case here. I like your Sartana before vs after shots. Worth continuing to collect evidence.

This has got my attention because I’m pretty sure my blue mammoth 8* titan 1-shotted my Grimm today when facing it (and I play with BT… think it was after using his power). I have not noticed Titans 1-shotting my heroes before now - Grimm included (he’s mostly in my team as well).

I wrote it off at the time as a lack of attention on my part thinking I was not watching Grimm’s health… but it struck me as odd - I usually notice if one of my heroes has been hit to below half and I keep an eye on them and/or heal.

So I will be looking out for this as well as I pretty much always play with BT. Thanks for bringing it up… I put it in the ‘suspicious and let’s look out for it’ category.

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Update to above:
I think my issue was using the wrong Grimm :expressionless:

It happened again and I thought “Aha! Here we go!” Clicked on my dead Grimm to check his stats and found it was actually my new recently acquired level1 Grimm that I had put on the team. Not a winning strategy :slight_smile:

I’ll continue to look for Titan attacks being stronger while BT is active, but it looks like my event was most likely human error on my side.

We had 2 green titans in a row, so not used Boldtusk, but still looking at it