Possible Raid Tournament Bug

I just finished doing my attacks for today, and 3 of my 5 attacks were against the same person. Not sure that is supposed to happen.

Yer, that is a bit weird

RNG at it’s very finest?

Not impossible, I guess, but that would be pretty shocking unless there are very tight restrictions in the matching algorithm.

If there were even just 500 possible matches, that would be a 1 in 125M event (so, winning lottery ticket rare). If there were 1000 possible matches, it’s a 1 in 1B event…

More likely that there’s some issue in the matching algorithm that’s severely restricting the match pool for them.

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Happened to me as well

Next time they’re doing matches in Discworld, I’ll adjust my calculations accordingly :kissing_heart:

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In other news, other top player only got attacked 4 times.

This is russomate

Just happened to me as well. Went undefeated until today after being matched with different players, but on the last day I got the same guy 5 times.

yep definitely still issues with match making

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