Possible raid bug

I have had this happen to me once a few months back but it just happened again. I won a raid pretty easily but it then said I lost and said time’s up. Obviously time wasn’t up but I lost 44 cups and a flag. Im going for my chest so this is frustrating. Is this happening to anyone else?

Now I just had this happen, again I took out all of their heroes and it says I lost??? What the $&@? Is going onimage

That sounds like a really annoying bug. You’ll need to open a support ticket, since no one on the forum can help with individual account issues.

Here’s how to do that:


Did you die at the same time? If so the win goes to the opponent as you have to have one hero alive to “carry” tbe booty. Very annoying…but normal. Usually only happens when I bring my riposte team out.

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No I had all of my heroes on both of those raids

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I’ve seen this bug before. In my case, the previous raid was long enough to activate the 5-minute timer, but I defeated all enemies and won before the timer expired. Then, I started another raid, defeated all enemies without the timer starting, and the result screen said I lost because time ran out. I’m guessing the timer from the previous raid wasn’t stopped properly either on the server side or the client side, so it thought that my second raid was finished after the first timer expired, hence the “time’s up” message.

Damn…hope I don’t run into this. I’ve not had the timer expire… Yet… But I’m sure it’ll happen eventually.

That actually makes sense because the raid before I got the 5 minute warning on it.

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