Possible mystic vision bug

Just done my mystic vision played the add closed it when it finished no reward and it stopped the Christmas music on the game seemed to mute the sound

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I’ve tried 4 or 5 times now still the sane the video ends I close it no reward and the music on the game stops I.e christmas music and the sound of builders at work

Try to close the game reopen it. Clear the cache or reset your phone :slight_smile:

Nah no good still no rewards and it still mutes my game watched 7 adds now for nothing :sob::sob::sob: tried what you said restarted my phone and cleared the cache

Mystic vision not working… :thinking:

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I had one ad freezing with no rewards. I closed the game and the next ad gave me a reward.

Tried everything nothing works fed up watching adds for nothing

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Same here, an ad for furniture which does not give rewards once watched

For me its one called Plan International Canada. Watched it twice and game froze each time. I closed the game after each ad and the 3rd time was a casino game and it worked.

Same ad and same problem on my husband’s game.

Some of the ads are broken, can confirm.

I usually have to restart my phone and hope I get a different ad next time.

If you keep getting the same one… ugh. I don’t even know how you would begin to try to fix that. Except to maybe do a browser search for some random topic that you wouldn’t normally search for, then maybe your browser history would pick out a different ad for you.

Nah getting different adds add plays ok then when I close it no rewards and it mutes the sounds on the game then I have to back out the game to get the sounds back it will let me play an add again after I go back in just does the same again

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Watched twice, no rewards.

Definitely an occurring bug then since it’s happening on both my tablets, and my husband’s.

Looks like it’s time to double the ads and halve the rewards again

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It’s getting annoying. Now the ad for Home Depot Canada is freezing. It seems to be only the Canadian ads for me, at the moment.

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Must be the Canadian winter weather…

Sorry, couldn’t help it… :kissing_heart:

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Me too mystic vision not recieving any rewards and christmas music stops playing after watching

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Same issue here. Watch the ad and then nothing. Need to come out of the game properly and then back in to retry the mystic vision but again, it isn’t working.

I’ve sent in a ticket just a question when they can and will do something about it


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