Possible Multiple Alliance Merger

We are a group of alliances, bound by friendship and exchange of experience, and different levels of titans.
We have open spots in our ships to absorb up to 23 players
The Black Pearl fights 8*-9* titans, recommended team power + 3000, has 5 spots
The Twisted Gull is a more relaxed alliance, for those with time constraints for playing. It has 4 openings, faces 5* titans
Ship happens is a growing alliance, now facing 6* and 7* titans, 3 openings
Monkey Island Z Fighters just had a clean up and has 7 openings, faces 6* titans and will undoubtedly go far
Pasargada is a training alliance, open to all newbies, it has 4 openings and faces 4* - 5* titans
Anyone interested can reach me in Line, branwen62