Possible issues with Thoth Amun

I seem to have run into a couple of issues with Thoth in raids, although I have no screenshots or videos to back it up for now. Will try and record future raids when he’s involved, for now just want to know if anyone else has noticed anything.

The first instance, I went in against a 4/79 Thoth tank. I had taken Boldtusk, Isarnia, Justice, Li Xiu and Wu Kong, all max level except Justice (4/60 ish) and in that order. I aimed the first few attacks towards the left side of the board at someone else and winged him enough to charge his special. He aimed at just BT and Isarnia, no buffs or debuffs were involved but they seemed to take no damage, or very little at best. Considering he’s a high level and they’re not really tanky, it was easily noticeable. He then got fired up a second time and completely levelled the other 3 in one go. No buffs, and with elemental weakness taken into account, there is still no way he would have levelled a near-max, full health justice in one, surely?

A few raids later, I was up against him again but he was flanking. I’d managed to blind him with justice before he attacked, when he cast, I got “miss” over all 3 of my heroes, yet all 3 took considerable damage anyway. I was paying attention after the first fight and no one else had cast anything at the same time.

If I can get a video of anything going forward, I’ll update the post.