Possible for maxed heroes not to have 8/8 special?

Does talent grid appear once max level is reached or can you keep feeding after being maxed just to push the special to 8/8 and THEN talent grid appears?

Until it is maxed and SS is 8/8…


Hy last night i buyit the oferte from.the Deal that whitb600 gems 1 token and another thing but i dnt get nothing and my money are gonne why

So to expand on previous replies:

  • yes you can max a hero but be unlucky enough to not have it’s special maxed
  • when the special isn’t fully maxed, you can continue to feed it with a higher percentage chance of success
  • when feeding as above, you get five times the chance for each feeder, so feeding ten on colour 1* feeders gives you 100% chance. Five on colour two star feeders is also 100%
  • once you have maxed the special in this way, to 8/8, the button will appear to allow you to access the Talent Grid

To be absolutely clear you cannot access the talent grid until the special is maxed


As others have said, ONLY once special skill is maxed 8/8, the talent grid will be available for you to add emblems too.

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The second one:

(Special refuses to level up - whats the worst you have seen?)

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