Possible error. New items doesn't counted

What’s the error? You have one new harpoon?

It is in the tab’s Battle Items, should be 1 red bagde count?

Like @jinbatsu mentioned, there should be a red number 1 badge indicating a new Battle Item, which is the Giant Harpoon. I “think” the base screen might be correct in indicating a new item, but I can’t be certain as often times a lot of other items get tallied, will need to run some test to isolate.

I am thinking the problem is with Hunter’s Lodge Items not registering on the battle items tab because after receiving a Tornado from one of my forges, the red number badge does show on the Battle Items Tab, in addition to the “New” on the actual item. I’ve done a test for a Giant Harpoon as well as a Titan Flag, both are exhibiting the same behavior (e.g. “New” status on the actual item, but does not get tallied in the Battle Items tab).

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Ok, I just went back for a bit more confirmation.

Crafted some Caltrops, cleared off my inventory before the collection. Collected the Caltrops, the main base screen registers a red 1 badge notification shows a new item in the inventory. But going into the actual inventory screen, there was no red 1 badge notification on the battle items tab, but going into the actual battle items tab shows the “New” Caltrops I had just collected.

So all newly acquired items (regardless of stars) will trigger a registration with the inventory screen on the main base screen. But it looks like newly acquired Hunter’s Lodge Items (I have now tested Harpoons, Titan Flags, and Caltrops, but I assume the other HL will be the same), despite being battle items and for all intents and purposes being 5* in tier and “advanced” in that regard, do not receive a red badge notification under the battle items tab, like others do (you get the red 1 for crafting one arrow attack).

Not sure how long they have been like this or it had always been this way and OP just pointed it out. But sure looks like a bug, not a highly debilitating bug, but a bug nevertheless.

Chuck it into the feedback box to the devs? @Dudeious.Maximus ?

Any chance you log in with different devices? I noticed that sometimes the new items don’t always count well. I figured it’s just because I jump from tablet to phone when I play.

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