Possible Epic Troop Summoning Fault

For a year now I’ve been attempting to summon Monastic Battlemages troop. I have spent time and time again but I only seem to summon every other troop I’ve already got.
What I want to know is there a reason as to why I just can’t succeed on this quest to do so?
There supposed to be easier than trying to summon a HOTM or a legendary hero.
Could there be a fault or anything that hinders me from doing so?

10% chance of drawing a 4* troop, of which there are 10 types. So if you want a specific colour and type, it’s a 1% chance to draw it. And as you know, chance is chance, you could do 200 troop pulls and not have it.



It took me 1.75 years to get a red 4* crit troop.

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This isn’t a bug/issue just sucky RNG

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