Possible Bug?


I am unable to do player verse player fighting/raids due the fact that the system says an opponent has been online for several hours . I am unsure if this is a system wide problem, or a limited problem. Can you advise?


This is not a problem, you can’t raid a person who is on line. I know a few folks who open the game and keep switching screens while they are at work just to limit the time they can be raided. Re-roll and move on. Or you could be waiting for a long time. :relaxed:


I realize you can’t raid a person that is online. However if it’s been l
several hours either there is an issue or there is system needs to be
changed to were after 15 Min you can re-attack a person.


If it is a free re-roll (can’t remember as it has been a while since I ran across someone online), then it doesn’t cost you anything to go to the next person and should not be a big deal.


Rerolls do cost you, or at-least it does me . And the person is still
online now over 8 hours later. Yes I have rerolled.


No, the system does not need to place a 15 minute limit on it just because you ran into one of those folks who stay on for many hours. Like I said before, I know folks who log in and leave their phone next to them at work. They switch screens so the system does not log them out. If they are idle too long they are logged out. That is enough. If someone is playing levels or attacking a titan or what ever, it is sad but also not a bug that it gets in the way of your raiding.


Thanks for the input dafrca.


Re-rolls only cost you food if you’re searching through the normal raids (i.e. using the icon on the lower left). If you’re trying to revenge someone and they’re online you get a free re-roll.


Not according to what I experienced. The person never attacked me or shows up on my board but for some reason I kept getting the message about needing to re roll. I was not trying to make a revenge attack, but it did cost me to re roll.


I’m a bit confused. So what you’ve done is:

  • Tapped “Raids” in the bottom left corner
  • Tapped “Find Opponent”
  • You get matched with @rtemis, but it says he/she is online and you’re asked to re-roll.

Is that correct?


I’m a bit confused. So what you’ve done is:

Tapped “Raids” in the bottom left corner
Tapped "Find Opponent"
You get matched with @rtemis, but it says he/she is online and you’re asked to re-roll.
Is that correct?



I’d contact support as you seem to have encountered some sort of glitch.


Cool, thanks for confirming that. I may have an explanation.

I’ve had some cases where I tapped “Find Opponent” and gotten someone, but then had to go off and do other stuff (or I was out of raid energy).

The game remembers the last opponent, so after an opponent has been found it’ll be lined up for you, even if you go away and come back later. The exception is if the opponent is now online, in which case you’ll come up with the sequence of events described above and be asked to reroll.

Does that sound like what might have happened to you?


I was totally baffled by this, but I think you’ve explained it, Magog.


No I don’t believe so. I don’t ever remember drawing Artemis’ as an
opponent and then not being able to get them.


It’s monumentally difficult for us to understand what’s happening to you, because none of us have ever tapped ‘find opponent’ and been matched up with someone who is offline. Whenever we tap ‘find opponent’ we are matched up with someone who is online. That’s sort of the thing with ‘find opponent’ - it usually finds a suitable opponent.

So, you know, we’re struggling to help.


It is what it is. I’ve moved on. Just thought maybe somebody would have an
answer or at-least try and tell the developers about a possible issue.


Yes, some players stay online for hours and can’t be attacked. It is an annoying thing and a thing the rank 1 player at the moment does a lot.