Possible bug with new hero filter

In the season 5 portal, when you switch the option to show max emblem/limit broken hero the season 1 heros show maxed costumes. This could be misleading since there are no costumes in this portal.

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This whole new feature is misleading as it purely takes just left side of talent path for every hero. Totaly pointless feature.

Just to be clear I am not complaining about the feature. It is what it is.

It shows season one heros with costume bonus along with emblems and LB. For anyone pulling this would suggest that every season 1 hero came with their costumes in this portal.

Unless SG is planning on adding costumes to every portal?

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I have raised the same to Staff in Beta.
I have suggested them to show costume bonus only costumes are available in the portal.

It seems they have not considered my suggestion, or it takes longer them to implement it.

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