Possible bug with Black Knight and Queen of Hearts

I was using Black Knight (BK) and Queen of Hearts (QOH) together on a team and had both of their specials activated at the same time. I was facing Atomos and Gadeirus when both of their specials fired, one after the other.

The problem is that they attacked both BK and QOH with their specials. Now it was my understanding that they would only be able to attack QOH with their specials until her minions were destroyed since her ability is tied to the minions.

Is my understanding of the two different taunt specials incorrect, or is this a glitch? The cards do read that the enemies should not be able to use their specials on the heroes allies. Should that not include each other as well?

I do have a short video, but I’m not sure how to upload it on the forum, so I put screenshots below.

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It is the intended behavior.
If you had 5 taunts active, Atomos would attack all of them.

Otherwise it would be unfair if one would cover the other and nobody could be hit any more.

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It’s normally the case that having two heroes with Taunt means both get hit by AoE.

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Thank you for the reply @Olmor. I guess just the way the card reads, I assumed that only one would be able to be attacked. Looks like that’s what I get for assuming. Appreciate it.


i remember testing QoH and BK in beta and Bk’s taunt would proc QoH so only him would be hit.
Maybe i’m wrong but i will follow this thread waiting for devs statement

Thank you for the reply @zephyr1. I was trying to find info but never came across that forum post since I was looking for how BK and QOH interact with each other.

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I made an example clip with Shrubbear, cause I also concluded, that if one would protect the other it would be very strong. But…

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Have devs confirmed that this is the intended result?

No, but they would, if it wasn’t.

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