Possible bug: Victor ressurects? Anyone seen this?

victor hit my hero. I killed Victor and then used rigard to cleanse and heal. victor ressurects. Is this supposes to happen?
i’m sure i killed victor as that was the reason i used heal. no, i don’t have pictures or videos as was just running raids.

Victor is a Wizard, so it shouldn’t be class talent related, since it’s Fighters that resurrect.

Is it possible that Alberich or Mother North was on the team? Can you check the team in your Watchtower raid history to see what heroes were on it?

If not, then it does sound like it could be a bug if his HoT somehow brought him back to life. But like you said, without screenshots/video it’s hard to know what was happening.

I suggest checking who else was on the team as a start.

the team was Kiril-azlar-victor-drake-lianna

So that would seem to rule out the usual means of resurrection.

I’m having trouble thinking of any other possible cause other than some weird bug. I suggest editing your post title to something like:

Possible Bug – Victor Resurrects/Revives, anyone else seen this?

And see if others can help confirm and document this for a bug report.

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