Possible bug regarding Wilbur's special

Quick question about Wilbur’s special, specifically on the enemy. For those that do not have him, he lowers the defense of the enemy, raises your team defense, and shared damage is granted to both opponent and your team.

The main reason I started leveling him is to take advantage of shared damage on the enemy. For example, you could dump a bunch of reds into a green enemy and the whole team would have to take that additional damage.

The problem is, I have been using him with Panther, and her special dispels what she sees as “positive” buffs for the enemies. With Wilbur’s special active on the opponents, Panther leaves the negative defense buff, but she removes the “shared damage” buff. I imagine Melandor, Sabina, etc. would behave the same.

Is this a bug? I kinda wish that wouldn’t be dispeled, especially since it is applied by one of your heroes.

It’s not a bug, that spirit link effect is a positive buff in the game and it will get removed by Sonya, Melandor, Sabina, etc.