Possible bug / glitch RE: hero feeding

One of my alliance’s newer members had a glitch when trying to feed one of his 2* heroes to a 3*, it told him he can’t use that hero for training because it’s currently being used on his alliance war defense team.

Sure, sure, makes sense…

…. except that, he’s opted out of wars, and doesn’t have a defense team in our AW.

So… yeah.

I told him to leave the alliance and feed the hero, then come back. It worked, but now he has to hope we don’t kill our current titan in the next 12 hours if he wants it to count towards his titan chest. Just seems like a bug to me. I already had to make him leave our alliance once before to keep him from being forced into our AW upon reaching level 12 (forced war tutorial with no option to opt-out?). This game is not exactly newbie friendly. :confused:

Yes and No. The game maintains your ‘last defense team’ even if opted out. If/when you return to wars, you will see that same team again. I would agree this is a bug.

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He never had a defense team in our alliance. He used one in his previous “dummy training alliance” just to finish the war tutorial so that he could opt out of future wars. The game seems to still think he’s in that alliance, even though he left it weeks ago.

Yep, I agree, that seems like a bug.

Right, the ‘last defense team’ is not tied an Alliance.

Another way around it might be to Opt In, change the defense team, Opt Out, then try the feeding again.

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I told him to try opt in then opt out, that didn’t work (probably because we already have a war in progress). He probably wouldn’t have had the issue in the first place if it was a non-war day. Just seems like a silly thing to permanently tie a player’s heroes to a war defense team that they’re not even using.

Ah, right there are only certain times you can Opt In and view that team and that would commit them to the War which you don’t want. Bummer.

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It’s all good, he was able to feed the hero after leaving the alliance, but now we’re wondering if he’s going to have the same issue the next time he tries to feed another… just wanted to bring the issue to the attention of the devs, maybe it’s something they could fix in the next update or whatever. :man_shrugging:

Thanks for the help though! :+1:

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