Possible bug filling Monster Chest

So I just completed the first eight stages of teltoc epic level with an open monster chest ( that I paid gems to unlock before commencing ) killing around 70 monsters/enemies, and the chest count stands at 15 when I finished. Is this a bug?

when you started the epic event, the monster chest was already available (0/100)?
If you aint sure of that… then your ‘possible’ isn’t a bug

Yes, paid the gems to open it before I started

You know, maybe I just thought I did, and it timed out part way thru. Aah whatever, probably not a bug, unless stupidity counts as a bug

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No, the whole world would be an bug-asylum if! :upside_down_face:

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Solved then and no need for this topic.
World energy, provinces and chests are already well established and pretty much 100% bug free.

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