Possible bug - drop rate of orichalcum nugget next to zero

couple of weeks ago I run out of tornadoes (I’ve never had issues with them) and so I tried to harvest them but the drop rate of nuggets ever since that moment is about 1 every 50-70 world energy no matter what maps I use - all seasons and even hard Atlantis maps. Currently I haven’t received any in more than 150 world energy and I’ve tried every single map that was suggested on forums. All other items (even 4*) are fine and I have plenty to craft from. Problem is that nugget is needed for two key items so I’m kind of limited to used them only on some events.
Again, not sure if this is a bug but it seems like an issue of sort and I would like to know other people what’s their drop rate and also what maps do you guys use to harvest nuggets.


According to Barry Farmz the best stage has a <4% drop rate. 3 flags * 4% = one nugget every 75 flags.

The general drop rate is next to nothing so your title is correct on that part but it’s not a big. However you actually seem to be getting more than expected.

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which one is the best stage? 50-70 was estimate as I said, currently it’s been more than 150 without any

I am farming for that in S1 5-8

Nuggets are the only 4* mats that can drop in province 5, so if you manage a 4* it will be a nugget. It’s still very few. Atlantis Rises is your big friend here: you should be able to get quite a few with loot tickets/grinding, and with the 50% bonus loot, it adds up.

Check the spreadsheet for more details. His data mining says S1 5-8 is the best for nuggets.

Going 150 without any nuggets is not an oddity. A 4% chance with 50 tries will net 0 13% of the time.
Math: (1-0.96)^(150/3) = 13%

Not a bug. We all accumulated them slowly when we started playing this game until we are all capable of making Tornadoes. Then we see that using tornadoes against titans and other events somewhat improves our performance until we heavily rely on them until we depleted the Tornadoes and the nuggets. Only when we farm can we notice how low their drop rates are. Here are the ideal spots to farm them:

And during Atlantis Rises, here are the ideal maps and the odds:

Noticed any difference? :grin::grin::grin:

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It sucks when you run out of materials for battle items you rely on. I regularly have/had it with hardwood lumber, especially during/after challenge event. Luckily, that has been solved for now (have almost 700) and I still have almost 800 nuggets. i don’t really know where I got them from but I’ve never had a problem with them.

It’s not really a bug. They are just hard to farm :slight_smile:

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S2 1,2 works for me fine, without Atlantis rises…on Easy , approximaly 1out 3,zo every 18 flags, of am i lucky

well that I’d like to know :smiley: especially if you’ve been using tornadoes if not it kind of make sense you can gather them during a longer period of time

@brano , I think I pretty much only use tornados on titans and nowhere else. I probably use 3-5 tornados per titan (otherwise those 14 stars are undoable with my roster). So 800 nuggets should probably last me another 200-300 days. If I can remember I’ll try to keep track where I get them.
When farming, I generally farm 7-4 for monster chests. In AR, I farm 4-3 (most monsters=best chance for seadragons), 6-9 (for recruits and monsters) and every now and then 1-9 for backpacks.

Other than that my flags go to S03 (which I finished today, but still have 3 missions to complete) and other quests.

that explanation makes sense , shame I didn’t know about it before… still SG sucks again big time for not providing the community enough resources to have more fun (I know this is RPG, but you need to keep buying world energy flasks and then just be online for hrs to autoplay harvesting stages in order to get more of the nuggets - if you don’t have other similar high end battle items…)

then you’re extremely lucky :slight_smile: good for you, maybe it doesn’t work the same for everyone

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