Possible bug: Ahhotep skill with fighter talent

I wonder whether Ahhotep skill is working correctly with Fighter revival talent…
When the hero die and revive the mark is still there and the allies don’t get the mana.

Just comparing to Khonsu… And in the same situation he does get the mana


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Any ideas?

Furthermore, if Khonsu kill the target with his passive he’ll not get the 50% mana

No ideas?

I contacted the support and didn’t get an answer for that…

Another time? Anyone’s knows to answer?

I think it’s like other debuffs on fighters. Target is defeated, but the hero revives with all debuffs that were there prior to the killing hit/ailment. So the only way to remove Ahhotep’s debuffs is for the fighter to not revive.

Khonshu is different in that he does not depend on a debuff to gain mana. I think it’s working as intended.

Kind of Make sense.

On the other hand Still a bit strange… If the hero revived then it died or not?
The mark should be kind of trigger the same way as Khonshu skill
(died and revived is kind of died, not sure what it has to do with debuff on a hero)

Yea, I’m not a big fan of the way it works either. But alas, the devs like it and thus it stays.

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