Possible AW improvement...Hero sort

The one thing that would improve my own experience is having another sort by level in my hero roster so I can hit the up/down arrow to a tab that is labelled war and see which hetoes are still usable.


Even if you have no remaining flags you can set up an attack team in alliance war.

I get what your asking, and would like to see it eventually… But they’ve got some bigger problems in the meantime so I hope that helps.

The bigger an issue, the longer it takes to resolve.

I like a small issue.

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I’ll second this idea. Even in the AW setup function, I have to scroll past all the grayed out, used up heroes to see what’s still available. I have a stable of 66 heroes in various stages of development, and it would be nice to be able to see on one or two screens those I’m able to deploy.

Instead of this being a fourth Sort option, I’d like to see it as a filter: a little checkbox that, when checked, simply hides the used heroes.


I will take whichever solution devs accept. Just doesn’t help decision making as it stands. Hell, I will forget ehat I just scrolled past especially if there was a single live hero in that grayed field.

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Excellent idea! I second the motion!

It is my 2nd AW today, and I am seriously wondering whether I should write my serviceable heroes down and then put a check mark next to them when I have used them in a current war.

I also have a roster of heroes in various stages, and this is getting confusing …

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