Possibility of increasing raid energy cap?

Hi, all. I am sure I am not the only one feeling this: one of the most tiresome parts of raid is the fact that even if you win all 6 raids, you still have to wait for another two hours to fill a chest (unless, of course, you use a raid energy flask). Would it be possible to increase the raid energy cap to 8, so players can fill a chest in one sitting? That will make the game more enjoyable for a lot of us. Just a thought. Thanks!

As a F2P, I’m partially in favor of this, but there are a few issues/counterpoints:

  1. This would reduce demand on raid energy flasks, which directly impacts game revenue.
  2. This would affect balance with the raid leaderboard by increasing the number of attacks someone can make consecutively. Also, old raid flasks would now be worth eight energy instead of six.
  3. This would impact loot with hero chests because they become easier to fill.
  4. With weekly raid tournaments now a regular thing, there are five additional attacks you get each weekday to fill your chests. You can use those at any time.
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It takes five days to fill a Titan chest so an extra two hours to fill a raid chest isn’t so bad. Especially now that we have raid tournaments. With that note aside i would not be opposed to your idea and yes it’s been mentioned before and clearly the devs don’t wanna change it. But maybe you have more luck in convincing them. Good luck.

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Thanks for your input! I certainly did not think about the negative impact you mentioned. And I agree, this proposed change might disrupt the current system. I guess for now we will just have to settle with what we have and enjoy the game.

Appreciate it! Thanks!