Positive thoughts - Tower of Magic

Like the new structure with the 25 normal levels giving chests. That is all I have time for in this event.

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Actually, I wouldn’t mind if NT would have this structure, 25+50. Would make for a much more enjoyable experience.

Looks like this is off-topic, but please, take it as an indirect praise of the MT.

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This Magic Tower is way better than Ninja Tower.

Why? We don’t struggle with those curses, we have costumes to play with as well, and even being 25 + 25 (+25) for F2P’s, I have enjoyed it. Just forgot to play 1 day and on the last left 6 energies as well.

These new bonus are great to have, we play with them, being extra heal, extra damage, etc… at least I did not get so annoyed being cursed or because my Healers were all the time being caught.

Now my last comment in a question: Why not a Ninja Tower like this one? (Curses, 25 + 25 + 25, Costumes, Extra bonuses)


yeah MT waaaay better than stressful NT


Here is what I got from the MT:


When this event first arrived to Beta I was not really liked it (maybe due to I had to collect lot of data or because the rewards were much worse), but since the second time in Beta I have started to like this event.

The new blessing are good, and despite of 25 more floors I thing the resource I have used is less compared to NT.
This is the first Tower event where I did not lose on any stages :slight_smile:
And here I had the best ranking ever. (Maybe due to the need of buying flasks)

The need of paying 250 gems is not got, but actually now I have 50 gems more because of I have bought 5 flasks.
How I this possible ? I wanted to use all of my gems for pulling, and when I started to buy flasks I had about enough gems for a last single pull, but by completing the event I have received enough coins to pull once more.
So I could do the same amount of pull what I wanted, and it was “cheeper” in the end.


I didn’t get as far as you did, but I enjoyed every level I played. An additional surprise were the mystic rings I got from my last chest. Great stuff, SG!

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Positive thought:
The Event has ended and the not stacking not sufficient amount of flags burn grind is over for a while.

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I came to embrace the lack of full flags. I expect to get top 500 in ninja tower. Between lack of flags and more levels I did not want to spend the gems or battle items here. I finished top 50k in tower of magic. I’ll move on.


I enjoyed the game play in magic tower. I would actually like a mini version of it as a rotating quest or even as part of a season. Would want it free to play, just a more regular mini version of it

I liked the game play more than ninja tower.

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I really enjoyed the rare blessings. The huge damage output from the attack stacks and having all heroes fully charged for the boss wave made playing the stages really satisfying. I would’ve loved to have completed the tower but unfortunately i didn’t have enough gems.

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I was really skeptical at first. As I saw it on beta i got really angry and was 100% sure that I wasn’t even gonna try to finish the “Impossible mode” because another tower identical to “Ninja tower” was just sooooo boring…

BUT I WAS WRONG. And I admit it.

After finishing Normal mode (had some nice loot from chests aswell) and seeing the bonuses that we were able to choose i thought i might give a try to impossible mode too and finish a few levels just for emblems.

But the more i was advancing, the funnier and more interesting it got.
My heroes were getting better and better, same the loot :D.
So i finished it. And it was nice.

I never thought that i was gonna say this, but i really hope that they change Ninja tower and make it the same way as this one (with other classes of course).

Yes, it takes a lot of time, and yes you have to buy extra energy, but in the end, for me IT WAS 100% WORTH IT !!!


Positive feedback for TOM…
It’s finally over till next time :laughing:


Well considering their numbers have dropped considerably and there is a general understanding that they are not playing the game any more I feel your comment is incorrect.
If you search for GGWP in game you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Yeah I’ve seen already. Turns out there may have been something going on

Pretty sure we can’t discuss it though on here

I really enjoyed this event irrespective of the gems required to finish it.

What stood out for me:

The rate at which cursed tiles came was slower than in NT and with most healers being able to withstand 5 curses i went through stress free.

Your costume was cursed separately.

The blessings are awesome making the gameplay fast.

It is something new.

And I got Sergei from a solitary 10 pull. ( I know nothing to do with the actual tower) but not having A damage booster bar Wu Wrong, it got me really excited with the game again.

The amount of tower coins earned is generous.

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Mister Random IS “exceptionally good” on these events. But one of the reasons for this is that he allegedly was able to play towers like 10 times as often as other serious competitors. When you compare the points needed for a good ninja tower result, you see that it steeply increases from event to event… Because noone knew how to play it from the very beginning and learned after each walkthrough. He most likely played it for many players not only on this event but at least the last 2 ninja towers as well. And he also was suspended for playing it for anover Russian player after NT 2 or 3. You can only speculate on the number of players he really played it for within the last year…

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  • one of the things i really liked about Ninja Tower was how the blessings would stack. Tower of Magic takes that concept and puts it on steroids. i forgot about how grindy it was once i reached a certain point because mana is flying everywhere, heroes are firing specials left and right, attack stacks are, well, stacking, and it was just so much FUN to hit everything so hard, even at the highest levels of the tower!

  • pretty much every other event that’s scored in this fashion (tower events, Challenge events) has waves with only three enemies. imagine my surprise when the levels with 5 waves start and the last mob wave before the boss has four enemies, completely reworking our previous “hit three” strategies from the other events. this is definitely something i’m appreciating a lot more after the fact than during just because i was so focused on playing the event that it didn’t quite register with me during the event (except when I would try to kill with Norns and realize one enemy was still standing).

  • the structure of Normal is actually a lot of fun by itself. the difficulty might have to spike pretty quickly, but i think it could inspire a separate Tower event that’s only three or four days long that has only 25-30 floors. getting chests a lot more quickly than Ninja Tower was super fun, even though this tower didn’t give me a 4* ascension mat.

  • the Tower heroes look like they’ll be a lot of fun to play with and strategize around.

  • i like that the Impossible levels started and went all the way through with the full poison, fragile floor, and erratic time elements that make up the last few levels of Ninja Tower. for the players who didn’t want to deal with that, they could finish at 25 and be done with it without the headache, and for the competitors, even though it’s 50 floors, only being allowed to bring two of the most expensive items makes it a lot easier to manage inventory.


Well I think is nice to have a other tower but you can’t finish it only if you push some money in it, for example i finish normal stage and then i get level 30 or something on impossible level but if i supposed to finish well i get forced to spend gems wich I don’t have in my collection because I use them all for summon so I stop my self and let’s see what’s coming next. But as a tower and blessing stuff is awesome like I use onatel and she is mostly all the time charged, its insane. I love it


As F2P and a more casual player I don’t have the roster or the time to finish the tower.

The levels I did play however gave me the chance to use a large selection of my three and four star heroes that don’t get used that often which I do like.

I also liked the sheer amount of blessings that pile up in later stages and make levels easier to play.


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