Positive thoughts - Tower of Magic

I find that Proteus is much more useful because of all the rare mana blessings. I’ve combined him with cChao which works pretty well as cChao will absorb all the mana on the second turn, so after Proteus’ mana block wears off, you get cChao’s mana full. As a result, that targeted boss never gains mana for 2 turns even when hitting with lots of tiles. With the two of them, I can pretty much keep mana generation to a minimum. I’m on level 25 of impossible and find that I can usually fire them off every 2-3 turns.

I guess one of the positives are the blessings that allow me to fire specials all the time. In addition to the healing blessing for health with specials.


That’s why I’m sure there will be 1 or 2 more Tower events of different types, and some classes will be strong for more than one event.

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The tower events are my favorite part of the game, my hope is that NT gets rebalanced to play just like the MT


I agree with @Faeldin
I have a lot of positive thoughts about the tower of magic. In fact i like it a lot. It gives a new concept for the game, new strategies especially with the new blessings.
Most i like that the heros specials gives you a choice of the special u want to use. You need to take the proper choice to win.
The 250 gems you need to pay to complete is nothing compared to the fun that the tower of magic gives.
Its almost a pull that may give you a bane or an azar.
Poeple need to realise that new content cost money and somebody has to pay for it.


Positives from Tower of Magic:

I’m at Level I-25. It seems that I’ve used way less tornadoes to prevent curses compared to the fifty level of ninja tower. I like that.

The levels also seem easier because there are so many blessings that are helpful especially the stackable attack up to +100%.

I enjoy the special class curse tolerances. This is creating teams that I wouldn’t typically use which makes the game seem slightly new.

Carol! She totally sucks but with the reduction in ailment timing, her present explodes after you move tiles. Haha. Love that. If that was the case always she would actually be useful.

The emblem haul is nice as well as the XP haul.

I want to finish but it’s too grindy. I’d prefer if we got two more days to complete. That way you only need 50 gems to complete if you make it that far. Levels I-1 through I-25 haven’t really gotten much harder. I do prefer the ninja Tower approach where the levels get hard fast and then you’re done over this marathon.


Changed the name of the thread, its now:

Sorry if this caused anyone inconvenience…


At first I was angry a little, about these 250 gems. But now I see a pure positive too. If earlier I was a blind slave, and I had to play Tower, just because I really have teams to take 700 emblems without some big troubles. And I did it again and again, I collected these emblems, like the monkey that push buttons for getting bananas in laboratory.

But today I am free to not doing the most loathsome grind in games ever. I have already enough emblems, and there is no other things in this Tower, that costs even 5 minutes of my attention. At sure not a summon Prisca and Bane)

So yes, now I feel just positive. I am absolutely free from farming tornado or dragon attacks. And I can play tournaments/wars and finally can forget this horrible, repetitive, monotonous grind at all.


Positive thoughts: to complete the levels I only need Kiril* and Gullimbursti along with 3 other random heroes, I don’t have to watch soo much about curses as they can soak up to 4 and are easily replaced.

Bonusses are nice, having the chance to get (10) stacking attack% and crit chance greatly lower the time required for each stage, 100% mana on the boss wave is the cherry on top.

It wuld be nice to being able to play for free the last floors but for SGG it seems it would be nice if we wouldn’t, not like Id use real money to get offers anyway but my former C2P a55 now will be forced to not summon anything with gems as they only will be put into tournaments where my defense would do well, on Tower of Magic’s flasks and on my 300 :gem: hero cap increase.


One more thing about MT is that you can see, you know, the effect of charms in the stages. In NT you can grab +5% attack, defense, mana generation etc. Mana generation, lanterns and crit is fine, but the others: “Here you have +5% defense. Enemies got +10% attack from the last few floors but here you go.” But you have rare charms, which improve everything from the ground up and you see how you progress with them. Like getting 100% on boss wave, getting 10% on each special used for everyone, which is pretty dang powerful etc… Makes MT much more enjoyable than NT despite more floors and more waves.


Barring the gem issue, which is best left aside for the purposes of this thread, I’m in favour of the 25/75 format. I am happy to grind up to 25 for the main chest, no need to go further if I don’t feel like it (which I probably won’t, at least this first time around) as I’m too slow and easily distracted to be competitive anyway. Those who feel 25 is nowhere near enough can keep going for more loot and challenge points.

I’m struggling a bit with the gameplay but beginning to get the hang of it. Next time round, whenever that is, I should be able to make a better showing and who knows, maybe tackle a few of those Impossible levels? Just to see what it’s all about.


I join in the positive chorus. Like everyone else here, I wholeheartedly approve the rare blessings and the “watered-down” curses on the magical heroes. I also like the fact that after 25 floors, it’s declared “completed”, I can get my chest (five of them in total but for less grinding than in NT), and then I can just play along for better final scores if I want. This simple change took away the pressure of NT, which made it rather work than playing.

This is, actually, funny. In fact, they have just slapped on 25 more floors to NT for a total of a whopping 75, then arbitrarily said now it’s 25 where it is completed, and let us just play for score in the “impossible” levels. There is nicer loot than in the “normal” levels, but no chests, so no “reward”, no “goal to reach”, so to speak… And I feel at once that it now became really “playing”, not grinding! After all, what happens in NT if you don’t complete? You just lose some loot, same as here.

What a big positive change with such a simple trick!

I’ll be able to go up to impossible level 20 (or 25 if I use my only one tower flask I bought by mistake), and I can say with all those rare blessings, the “impossible” levels seem easier than the uppermost “normal” levels…


More levels more coins…

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I like the heroes and charge system.
I like the blessings and how they stack - feels at some point like I was playing on god mode! Quite entertaining and something different at least.
I like x/5 curse system, I don’t need to use items that much to avoid them and stress. Also I can use my heroes way longer than in NT.
Chests in normal mode are nice.


thanks for the post nice to read positive things for a change.


You can continue free as long as in NT, up to impossible level 25, which makes 50 floors. I guess in total you get about the same number of coins. If you decide to go farther, you pay some gems for the additional loot.

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I like positivity. we could all use more of it.

Already posted part of this in one of the main threads, but i like:

  • completing normal takes less time than NT
  • the better blessings make it less annoyingly difficult than NT
  • any excuse to use heroes/teams you wouldn’t normally use is a good thing

as in, hey: Agwe gets to come out and play for a while because he’s a cleric. does anyone have a problem with that? not me. :man_shrugging:


I was skeptical about the new tower, wary even, but ended up loving it.

Thanks to the new blessings, it allows you to skip worrying about dying all the time and just focus on the actual puzzle gameplay.

Spent a few hours doing impossible, but I was actually having fun, and shelled out 250 gems for the full experience without second thoughts.

It also helps that it’s doable with minimal investment, but the return is still great.


So what was your positive thought on the Tower of Magic … :thinking:?

He was positive there is shenanigans in play.

Which there isn’t. Categorically so in fact.

GGWP are just exceptionally good at the tower events. They had 9/10 of the top of the last Ninja Tower as well.

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They should make a course on it. I’d take it for 200 gems. (Negotiable.)

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