Positive thoughts - Tower of Magic

A slightly different view of the Magic Tower. By Pollikin.

I love the tower. It has 75 levels and offers a nice range of tactical possibilities due to the various combinable blessings. A game that can no longer offer players any real surprises after more than 3 years and instead relies on the same routine of hunting heroes, ascension materials, leveling up, repeat, gets a bit of original gameplay back here.

75 levels in which you are rewarded at every level. You get at least 3 emblems per level, which means an increase of at least 225 emblems in your own collection. There are also additional reward boxes during the first 25 levels, which I think is great. It’s much better than having them only at the highest levels, where smaller, newer players couldn’t benefit!

It is nice that you can play the first 50 levels without paying. It’s fun and a nice challenge. Of course, it would be nice if you could also enjoy this fun for free up to level 75. Please, SG, make this happen. It would please the community and give thousands of people further enjoyment of the game.

Regardless, I will enjoy the event and look forward to 10 more levels to climb every day.
Please comment here if you feel similarly and let us gather some more positive thoughts.


Thank u for this thread, positive thoughts on this… At least its not more levels :laughing:


If you have no positive thoughts on the tower of magic then please don’t reply.
There are other threads to put your anger too…

Sorry @Faeldin for ruin the start of the thread but can see it becomes a mass… Well…

The e&p coummity needs both sides of the of pros and cons.


No worries. @Dudeious.Maximus I just wanted to give people another perspective beside the daily anger and frustration. :slight_smile:

If one sees the Tower as a source for fun, some resources and a nice challenge as well instead of an annoying duty, they will maybe start to enjoy it again and see this game as what it is: A completely voluntary leisure activity.


I agree, while MT has things that are definitely done bad, there is also plenty of things that are done good. And since I like to give credit where credit is absolutely due and there is IMHO a lack of positivity on this forum, I welcome this thread.

For one, I like more frequent charms and tiered charms, as it makes going through tower much smoother. Having 3 Gullinbursties wipe out floor after floor because of constant mana flow-in while having ton of defense and attack from stacks is fun. It also adds a supplementary strategy element in the game. Also, because of this I seem to need to spend less items here than in NT.

The fact some classes can withstand more curses than others might be a bit divisive, but I like it, as it adds yet another strategic element, and it should not be too restrictive on rosters, as it is still 40% of heroes, and covers some of most useful and best 4* (said Piggy, Proteus, Rigard, Hansel etc). YMMV on this one though. What is definite plus is that costumes count separately for curses, I you can use same Kiril 10 times if you have his costume. Same for Gandalf the Green/White.

I ranted about need to pay for last 25 floors, but now thinking about it, it’s actually not that bad. If you do that, assuming you win all floors on first try, you get at least 75 coins, which is 3/4 summons, so it kind of pays back. Plus you get at least 125 emblems too and some items. The only problem is the precedent it places by SGG, which is the real danger here.


Here is my positive thought. I thought “if I’m not going to finish it (I’ve never finished a ninja tower or even done more than 30 floors) then who cares if my heroes get cursed?” So I just pick the best heroes for each level instead of trying to “save” them for harder levels -preference to “magic” heroes if skills/power are similar.

The levels are going muuuch faster now. I may finish normal mode now. Or not.



I’ve made my thoughts on what I very much dislike about this event clear elsewhere, but I appreciate having a separate space to talk about what I do like, so thank you @Faeldin.

First things first, I like that it only takes 25 levels to open the final chest compared to 50 for the ninja tower. While it has no direct impact on me, it does benefit my alliance mates and that is always great

I also really like the rare blessings as they make the levels feel like less of a grind than the Ninja Tower ones, and they open up some nice opportunities to use slow heroes or mana gain combinations to great effect.

And while it does limit my roster choices quite a bit, I actually really like the idea of magic classes absorbing more curses than in the Ninja Tower while the other classes can only take 1. It has given me a greater appreciation for some heroes I otherwise would never use like Shale (Boldtusk is my go-to red healer) or Aodhan (I’d generally prefer cColen and Aodhan has no emblems because I have so many wizards wanting emblems).

While I would like o see this expanded there are a few problems with doing so. Unfortunately, I don’t think the developers had this in mind when developing the Ninja Tower, otherwise there could have been a nice split between physical and magical classes between the two towers. But too many of the Ninjas fall into magical classes (Garnet, Cobalt, and Shale). And in order to split nicely I would have preferred 5 physical and 5 magical classes (probably Monk as the 5th magical class).

Nevertheless, I look forward to seeing benefits for using particular classes elsewhere to encourage the use of some heroes who might otherwise just connect dust.

It is these sorts of things that make the game more fun to me.


Exactly the mindset you need…

You’re rewarded after every successful completion of impossible levels. I’ve collected an assortment of 3* & 4* battle items. Which saves me having to craft them to hit the titan which is a bonus.

And, the accumulated blessings you collect along the way has made quick work of the bosses… Thus far :wink: I’m not half way yet.

Waiting impatiently for more flags to continue.

I was with you until…


Indeed… More of this :innocent:


I liked it. Really enjoy all the different blessings as it adds a fun dynamic where you are encouraged to fire the specials more often rather than saving them for strategic use. So enjoyable when you can fire a hero who maxes another hero who when fires maxes out two more heroes who max out the fifth. And then boom final bosses all have mana again. :man_mage:t4:


I’ll add my kudos to the rare blessings and also to the main rewards being in the first 25 levels with the chests every five levels. I also like the change up of magic using heroes getting a perk from being able to absorb more curses. I always love when past elements are able to tie in with future elements.

(Still think Hel should have been a rereleased summonable hero in S3, but was nice to see her inclusion!)

Definitely felt overall more enjoyable of a challenge compared to ninja tower.


Honestly I didn’t think I would like the Tower of Magic . Just played firs level for curiosity and ended up enjoying it .
In my opinion ( based on my playing experience ) the courses are not so bad this time compared with Ninja . Could be my luck this time but I didn’t get frustrated like was happening :ninja: .


I was thinking the same thing as I was working my way up to level 30 in impossible today with only losing a few heroes to curses and a few magic heroes with one curse but none with two. All anecdotal but I found I had to use the tornadoes/hurricanes to shuffle the boards a lot less and a lot of times it felt that the code was rigged to give you an out if you focussed on the curse. Either that or like you, my luck is off the charts today.


I enjoyed after initially dreading 75 stages. As mentioned above you earn a ton of emblems along the way. I wish I tracked the exact amount. I’m poised to
Finish top 5k not great but I’ll receive another 500 or so
Emblems there. Not bad for the time invested


I love these rare blessings. They could take challenge events to a new level if people get more mana or attack.


I have enjoyed it because of the blessings. Also the curses affecting c I asses differently changes it up.


I’m enjoying Tower of Magic much, much, much more than Ninja Tower (which I hate).

I find it much more fun to have actually useful bonuses as you progress, and once it becomes clear that using heroes with status effects (such as Proteus) becomes useless due to the duration being screwed for their powers, it became interesting to start using more “plain” heroes that didn’t rely on status effects.

I ultimately ended up pushing a LOT of minion-makers: Noor, Frosth, Devana, Seshat were the core, until I couldn’t save Frosth and Devana from curses (I used Tornadoes when needed)… now I’ve still got Noor and Seshat going, but have switched to Joon, Lianna, and still using Glenda though I might end up swapping her for Magni soon.

I grind my teeth at the curses on Ninja Tower, and I almost always just go to Level 20 and stop. On Tower of Magic so far, I’ve gone to Impossible Lvl 15 and will just keep using the daily flags I get for it. I don’t have any intention of spending to go further.

I don’t even run a healer, because some of the bonuses you can get make it unnecessary, especially when running minion-heavy teams: gaining 100 health whenever someone uses a special really lets me keep health topped off under the pile of minions. :smiley: And stacking Def & Atk bonuses… I’ve got +100% Attack after 10 turns of the fight… and it just makes my team rip through the enemy that much faster!

Good gaming!


I loved my heroes on steroids with the blessings. They’re fun. The bosses aren’t so full of ■■■■ and boring like ninjas are. In point difficulty due the curses not being so unpleasant because of the class resistance. Sadly the pay to play detail ruined it.


Positive thought on Tower of Magic?

Well, compared to NT, so far it is very easy. The buff is insanely great, especially the attack stack. It allow me to finish the stage 50-100% faster than similar level in NT so I don’t need to deal a lot of time with curse board and is more enjoyable.

And Sergei, even though I have not acquire him, his much needed addition in the portal fill the void of 4* dark debuffer.


I find that Proteus is much more useful because of all the rare mana blessings. I’ve combined him with cChao which works pretty well as cChao will absorb all the mana on the second turn, so after Proteus’ mana block wears off, you get cChao’s mana full. As a result, that targeted boss never gains mana for 2 turns even when hitting with lots of tiles. With the two of them, I can pretty much keep mana generation to a minimum. I’m on level 25 of impossible and find that I can usually fire them off every 2-3 turns.

I guess one of the positives are the blessings that allow me to fire specials all the time. In addition to the healing blessing for health with specials.


That’s why I’m sure there will be 1 or 2 more Tower events of different types, and some classes will be strong for more than one event.

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