Positive thought's on the game


Hi smallgiant … I would like to start by saying how wonderful this game really is i see a fair few negative fees backs and not enough praise for what u devs do i absolutely love this game and have no issue spending my money on it yes pay to play me myself am loving the game I’m on it constantly a leader of a alliance and love the team work we all out into progressing so i want to thank you for such a amazing game experience and i will continue to play for as long as you stay well done devs and all smallgiant staff i salute you thanks again :kissing_heart:


Agree … but as with any job you are paid to do it … and they are deffinitely paid for the job. Lol

I say thanks with gem spend. The more I spend the more I say thanks. Havent said a lot of thanks recently though.


Do u know what Stockholm syndrome is?


Glad you just started playing E&P!


Enlighten me not a clue :wink:


Great post @Larmi, unfortunately I think you’re right there’s a lot more complaints than praises around here, human nature I suppose…? I know not everything is perfect and great, but I think there is a lot more good than bad… I’ve been enjoying this game for a year now.


Yep, there are a lot of good things in this game, hopyfully it does not die on human greed.
Earn more, and more, and more, and more….and even more :smile: