Positioning my Heroes

Hello everyone…

I have been playing E & P for about 7 months and I really enjoy this game a lot and I like that it is a strategy game, and there is a lot to learn and I my goal is to at least become a top player.

Can I please ask the professionals help in positioning my Heroes??? :flushed: Below is screenshots of my Heroes and troops, also my progress in the map events, where it now become hard to play :sleepy:

Thank you in advance


What training camps are you using?

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I am using TC 5,6 and 13

You need to get to tc20

Why are you running tc5&6?

I would run a tc1/2/11, a tc13, and have 1 camp being upgraded to each time you level your stronghold to get to 20

Might just be me and my fuzzy memory but for 7 months i would think you’d have more leveled 4* heroes

Then again rng is a fickle…witch

Anyways hero positioning
Bane jahangir gaderius proteus karil

Not ideal but is what it is.

Stop leveling your 3* troops, pulling too many resources from leveling heroes and upgrading mines and running more trainings

Stop leveling vela until you have 6x scopes 1 damascus blade 1 tome or you run out of 4* heroes to level and already have 15 maxed 3*

Gunner costume needs leveled btw, will help with world map a bit along with rare quests and completing events


I am not actually running them, still need to upgrade them, I only bought a 30 day VIP yesterday to make use of the second builder.

Can you tell me what heroes are best to use in general,

First, I wouldn’t be too worried about the map. That will come with time.

At your stage, I’d recommend leveling your top heroes. As you get more, you can look at stacking and other tactics. Leveling one of each color with like hero feeders is best.

Based on who you have, I think a top defense could be:

  • proteus
  • karil
  • bane
  • gaderius
  • jahinger

Note you still are leveling. The heroes you have now don’t have a great synergy together, but that’s okay - it comes with time.

I’d also say focus on your 3* or bringing a 4* to 3.60. It appears you don’t have the AM to go to the last tier. That will happen much faster with a 4*. While Vela looks nice and I would love to have her, unless you have no other ice hero, I’d sit her for now.

And you asked about troops. Keep feeding that 4* blue but you’ll need some 3* too. Some people like to level up, others like to hold for a 4*. Really depends on how much you plan on spending for troops. I believe in playing with what you get when it comes to troops. Just remember events and tournaments - you may want to hold onto a 3* and even a 2*.

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Thank you very much for the advice, I will follow it.

Thanks :smiley:

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One last thing I forgot to say on Troops. There is no cap or limit on how many you have. It’s not like heroes with a cap. Should you choose to hold them, they can sit there forever with no penalty.

Okay I did not know that…lol, I have read a lot on game topics and tips, there is al lot to learn, will get the hang of things eventuality

Thanks you to everyone for helping and not thinking new players are idiot’s :grin:

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