Poseidon's special skill bug or not?

Hero has Poseidon’s skill that says “Immune to effect that prevent usage of special skills”.
Then he has silence from boss special skill that says “Can’t use special skill”, which is an effect that prevents usage of special skills.
Even if the silence from boss special skill was cast before the special skill from Poseidon, in the moment he gets special skill from Poseidon he should become immune to all effects that prevent usage of special skills. He becomes immune to them in that very moment.
Or …?

I don’t think it necessarily cleanses status ailments that are already in effect.


Edit: was looking at wrong screenshot

Even if he does not cleans effect, hero becomes immune to effects, it doesn’t specify when the effect should be cast, he is just immune to those effects

This card specifies new effects


Yes thank you, that is a different thing.

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