Poseidon's Special isn't effective against Giant Jellyfish's Silence

Here is the situation;

I was playing at season two province 27 level 6 hard.
My team was consisting of Poseidon, Proteus, Ariel, Kunchen and Onatel.
Everything was allright.
Before Giant Jellyfish filled its mana, I fired Poseidon’s special “Ruler of Seas” which should protect all allies against Negative Mana effetcs and effetcs that block Specials.
Next turn Giant Jellyfish fired its special “Wrap” which does some damage and silences the target. Target was Kunchen.
I was expecting Kunchen to resist this Silence effect, but no, it did register and silenced Kunchen.
I successfully finished the level so it wasn’t a problem for me.

btw, I tried to take a screenshot but failed to do so.

Silence is not affecting mana. You just can’t use your specials. You still get mana generation.

oops. you may be right about not blocking specials.

yea, Poseidon provides two very useful buffs which didn’t work this time :smile:

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