Poseidon viable option for tank?

I’m about to max Poseidon and plan to give emblems to him. With an Ariel and Proteus flank and family boost defense numbers are pretty good. I also have Zim, Sartana and Eve maxed. Do you think its a good option to put him as tank? My current rears are Zim and Sartana

Ariel is better at tank position. Not poseidon.

Ariel will boost mana and heal everybody. She is super great at tank.

Poseidon more suitable at flank or corner.

My suggestion for defense setup

Poseidon - evelyn - ariel - sartana - zimkitha


Post about Poseidon …

Ariel is too powerful to waist her. Met her multiple times as tank and she died like every other tank mostly before the first cast. I’d put her left.

Tank a whole team utility, a second healer or a hero, which is not very important for your team or a one shot sniper. Maybe Evelyn could tank, too…

Poseidon also seems to be viable in that position imo. Small disadvantage: Many players are used to face yellow tanks.


Zimkitha is tough, high durability and can tank, especially if given emblems. IF the enemy casts something nasty she will clean it. If Poseiden is flank he will protect the mana pretty quickly. Ariel should be the other flank.
Eve and Sartana make for better wings than Proteus but if you really want the family bonus do a quick calculation to see how much he adds to Poseidon and Ariel’s durability score (calculate it as 2x Def + Health). The chances of Proteus saving you from the wing are low but if Ariel fired it could be enough to get him a shot before being killed (also, what would his durability be with his family, troops and emblems)?

Poseidon IS a viable option for tank but Zimkitha is probably better based on the options you mentioned. Looking quickly, Sartana is also solidly durable and Poseidon flanking her has the color bonus (yellow tiles splashing on Poseidon from Sartana are weak)…

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Thank you very much for the advice. Currently Poseidon have 9 talent grids, Ariel 5 all for defense and health Zim has none though I have the druid emblems ready. Currently Proteus is flank and zim is wing. I’ll try switching zim with poseidon and see how it works


A pleasure.

Also experiment with:

Zimkitha - Poseidon - Sartana - Ariel - Eve/Proteus

Eve makes sense in that she dispells too, if using Eve she should be left wing, if using Proteus, Zim should stay on the left.

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