Poseidon or Musashi?

Just got my last dart to ascend a yellow! Who should I pick? I have Poisedon, Musashi, Justice, and Vivica.

Currently my defense team is:

3/70 Sartana 4/80 onatel 4/80 kunchen 4/80 elena and 4/20 Frida (she will be maxed soon)

My thoughts were either Musashi or Poseidon because I need a heavy hitter fully ascended but was advised that Vivica is the way to go. I’m pretty happy running Kunchen as my main healer so I don’t think Vivica is my top priority at the moment (though still a good option for a war bench.)

Mostly I want a fully ascended team for raid and war defense first and will focus on building the bench later.

Any and all advice is appreciated!!!

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Poseidon to replace Sartana.

Lineup would be:

Frida - Onatel - Kunchen - Elena - Poseidon

Your middle 3 would be all tank class and very decent at that.

Frida on the left for the dispel (if you have no other dispel heroes).

Poseidon for mana protection and snipe hit.

Test it out. You may replace Frida with Poseidon instead.

Dont worry about needing a rainbow team for defense. 2-2-1 can work just fine.


Go with what @AirHawk said. Vivica would be redundant at this point.


Thank you!! Any specific reason for Poisedon over Musashi? I like the mana defense but the self heals on Musashi is also very appealing on a defense team.

I don’t have any other dispel 5 stars, just Frida. I’m happy with her so far, before I had Elkanen in her spot at 3/70 and wasn’t very happy with him. I don’t have much in the way of green, just Elkanen and Atomos. Neither fully ascended, though I only have one tonic to go before I have to make that choice.

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I don’t have Musashi but have met him occasionally when raiding - he doesn’t appear to be that common on def teams and I understand why. His healing is based on normal damage (no good when the AI holds the reins), he doesn’t hit that hard with his special and he doesn’t have great def. To me, he seems better for offense (where you can control his tile damage) and titans.

Poseidon on the other hand will be able to stop Proteus and Hel - to me he seems to be designed for defense considering how many Protopodes get dragged into raids every day (mine no exception!).

Much like you I have a Kunchen tank. Will flank or wing him with Poseidon eventually! I don’t have Onatel though, alas. Your team looks really nice.

As a side note, I just gave tonics to my Elk and will put him on my def when I do the transfer to 5* def team. I had Groot as an option, you have Atomos - Elk is definitely a better choice than those two.


As what @Kitten said.

Based on current meta, most would regret giving Musashi the darts and would hope to get it back if they can. Don’t fall into the trap of the self heal. Self heals should also be followed by other effects such as mana cut of Leonidas. Heroes with skills that do not kill or affect allies/enemies in any way is not worth the mats.

Poseidon gives alot of protection against mana controllers for the fact that he is fast mana and all mana controllers are mostly average mana speed.


Give yourself a dateline before deciding your first green 5* since the next Shrikewood would be in around 2 months. There are better options around and based on heroes, you definitely pay for gems somehow so you can try for this month’s HoTM or any other better greens out there.

TC20 would be Lianna to wait for.


Good point on AI not yielding much results on the self heals!!!

Thanks, I’m pretty happy with my team considering I’m under 4k team power, and I think the kunchen tank is a big factor in that.

Thanks on the advice on Elk as well. The ONLY reason I would consider Atomos instead is that I also have poisedon (who will be fully ascended soon, thanks to your advice) a fully ascended Tritan, fully ascended Gaderius, and mostly ascended proteus. So with all five of that family they all get +20% defense, which makes them a really good war defense option as well. Just depends on if my alliance wants to run all the same color tank-- having the Atlantis team ready makes me better able to accommodate another color tank when my alliance wants to do that.

Not sure if that makes sense, but that’s my main dilemma with Atomos. Really, if I didn’t have the whole family, or if I had Ariel to complete the family, it wouldn’t even be a consideration.

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Yeah what @AirHawk says about greens - if you have the patience, wait. I didn’t and I won’t do many more pulls the next couple of months, have done my share of 30+ and need time to consolidate. Also, I have some spare tonics so wouldn’t be that much of a wait should I happen to stumble over a solid green 5.

Your situation might ofc be completely different - I’m not saying you should go with Elk. Just wanted to mention that I found him tonic worthy (well, by comparison…)! He gets the short end in most of the discussions here but he’s not completely hopeless.


Good call on self heals without a backup buff! I really appreciate the advice.

I do pay for gems, but I give myself a monthly budget and unfortunately my last commission check means I can’t spend on any games this month so I doubt I’ll get the current HOM. She seems like a great pull though so maybe I’ll get lucky on a token.

With the current condition of Atomos, please reconsider.

Upgrading a subpar 5* with limited resources just to get the Atlantis bonus is not worth it.

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Ideally I’ll pull a better green before I even have to consider it, but yeah I can see why you’d be against atomos.

I just keep thinking at how great Poseidon’s defense will be with the extra boost. I’d still much rather Ariel in that lineup over Atomos but I’ve never been lucky enough to snag her.

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Elena is far from being tanky. She may have decent health but her defense is laughable.

It is but I do have some emblems in her to make it less…laughable. Still not great, but just a little less humorous.

Elena is a very decent hero and also please do note that Riposte heroes needs to have high health and low defense for them to be effective. Even her emblem paths should all follow the ones with the HP node.

Also, having Kunchen as tank with Onatel and Elena as tank, the middle 3 is pretty strong.
Elena would have enough time to charge up with Kunchen at tank.