Poseidon Norns or Devana

Please help me to choose my next yellow hero to max.

Tough choice, but with the current meta over loaded with minion. I would invest a lot on minion counters till the trend changes to fiend centric.

I would do Devana for her Minion abilities in the current meta, Great counter for Bera Freya tanks or flanks
You have Uraeus who is the best of both worlds, minion control and great snipe.
Poseidon is still a great hero who gives immunity over Bera and Freya Mana cut if he fires before they die.
I would pass Norns as her ability is best useful on Mythic titans and special titans for now.


If you have spare fighter emblems, I would say Poseidon. Devana is very good in this meta, but Poseidon is very good in every meta. A fast sniper with a great secondary effect, and a great class to top it off.