Poseidon – New Atlantis Hero: First Thoughts & Discussion

We all want Hel and other great heroes, but it all comes down to randomness in the end. :slight_smile:

I encourage you to be moderate in your spending appropriate to your budget, and to consider reading these two posts that provide good insight into the gambling nature of hero summons:

Also, if you run across websites claiming to offer free or discounted gems, you should be cautious that those are typically scams, and that even if you were to find one that worked, SGG has a strict policy against it that will at minimum result in revoking your access to the heroes, and can result in permanent bans from the game. (See here, here, and here.)

I have no vested interest in this — I’m just a fellow player and volunteer moderator for the Forum. But I do care a lot about players being able to enjoy the game, so I’m sharing this just to avoid heartache from scams that are out there.

Hope it helps, and if you do decide to Summon, I hope luck and RNG are in your favor! :slight_smile:

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They’re part of the “Legendary Featured Hero: 1.3%” category.

So basically you have a similar shot at any of Atomos/Poseidon/Hel/Alberich as you would for HOTM draw — but the odds for a particular one of them are only 1/4 of that.

This thread has some good context reminders about the crappy odds for that:

Thx, thats kindly. What does RNG means?

Thanks. Odd that they only call Atomos out as featured.

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Random Number Generation

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You’re welcome! RNG = Random Number Generator.

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Not odd, so much as confusing.

A reasonable person (like you) could presume that means this hero:

But it actually means these:


alright thx mate. tbh ive already spent way too much money since when i started playing the game… :frowning:

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Sorry to hear that, and a good reason to take it easy on summoning. The cool heroes are fun to play with, but you can go far in this game using readily available heroes. I’ve personally made it into the Top 100 for the Raid leaderboard multiple times using all 4* heroes on my attack teams.

So I suggest enjoying what you’ve got, having fun, and taking a break from spending on Summons. :slight_smile:


wow thats awesome. ye i will. recently got joon from training camp lvl 20. that felt way more better than getting a hero on summoning :P. back the i got 2 heros from 1 training. is that even possible or was it a game bug? and how much money did you spend since when you started playing?

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Sniper imo. Put him in the same team as Ariel and with a good center, you got a solid defense team

Congrats on Joon! The only way you’d normally get two heroes from a training camp at once is if you hadn’t collected them since the previous training — for tc20 that would obviously mean it would have to have been 4 days, barring a game bug.

I’ve spent way more than I originally thought I would. I started out as completely free to play, and eventually decided to spend a moderate amount each month. I also bought a lot of offers during the Halloween and Christmas events and some other offers along the way to stockpile up gems, which I used up this month chasing Frida (I actually finally got her this morning…and of course got 3 after continually getting none lol.)

I’m not planning to summon again until around June, when I plan to try my luck getting Tarlak with whatever gems I’ve stockpiled up again by then. In the meantime, I’ve started running tc20 again.

I will say, my personal experience is that spending more and summoning more hasn’t really paid off that much. I’ve got a few extra useful heroes to show for it, but it’s not like I ended up with a pile of awesomeness all the time.

I really think this game rewards moderate spending in a lot of ways — there’s notably diminished payoff for spending more, unless you’re willing to just spend whatever it takes to get the heroes you want. And that can be an incredibly expensive proposition, barring excellent luck.

So I always encourage people to enjoy the heroes they get, and not get too crazy chasing after heroes and ending up spending more than they’re willing to lose.

This is all a bit off topic for this thread except to say — the odds for pulling Poseidon are quite low. About as low as any particular hero in the game.

So it’s worth the reminder, I think, for anyone reading this thread, that if you get Poseidon that’s great! But if you want Poseidon, be sure not to overdo it on summoning and end up regretting it.


That’s my story. Next Teltoc will be my last ten-pull with bought gems. I’ll revert to FtP.

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Haha. Same here with the Black friday offers and valentine offers and so on. I got Frieda this morning too when I spend 30$ for summoning… Ofc this wasn’t the hero I was looking for, but I won’t cry on it lol.

Ofc I also got Zimkitha 2 times back in November, one of the badest heros of the month ever imo. I’m also not sure how good Frida is…

After my gems are gone, I really thought of to get gems again. Kinda sad tbh. Luckily my ethernet service provider was like: NoNoNoNo, you’ve spent enough money through in-app purchases this month. Please change it in your account settings of you want to spend more. Afterwards I’m really thankful for this haha. So shoutout to Sunrise at this point :P!

And about Joon which I got toghether with Grimm. Wouldn’t it show me the heros seperately? Like in extra-cheap training? I added the picture for you below.

Btw how you know in June Tarlak will be available?

Thx for advising me as a new member of this community!


To avoid us totally going off topic here…

For thoughts on Frida, I recommend this thread: Frida – New March 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): First Thoughts & Discussion

For guessing the timing of Tarlak’s return to featured: Atlantis Calendar/Schedule & Guessing Returning HOTM [Currently discussing Mar 28 2019 Cycle]

You’re welcome!


Yea sorry for going off topic… I edited my post. Could you shortly have a look on it tho?

Oh and could I knew your Alliance? I’m curios how your team looks like.

That’s normally how multiple heroes claimed at once from a tc look.

Example from tc2

And my alliance is The Pirate Horde. :slight_smile:


Oh well. Lol sorry my bad ':slight_smile:


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Ist gut, but I won’t Alberich. :heart_eyes: :slight_smile:

I did not mention I also have Drake/Rana/Onatel maxed. Maybe this would give a better picture on my yellow roster.


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