Poseidon- Junan question

I’m thinking… Mine defence team is c Liana,Junan,Alfrike,Klarisa,Joon…whether to take off emblems from Junan and give to Poseidon?? I already have Alfrike on the tank.

Yunan is a fine green tank. He can revive to cast his skills. If your alliance is using green tanks for war defense, he is a decent hero for that position. However, if your alliance is using purple tanks for war defense, or doesn’t care what element your tank is as long as it has tanky stats and/or deals significant blow to the attacking team, or only for very fast wars or tourneys, Alfrike would be best in that position. But you need to consider that stripping Yunan of emblems in favor of Poseidon would make your defense have 2 double elements: yellow (Joon & Poseidon) and purple (Alfrike and Clarissa). As such, that defense is a bit easier to overcome, especially if not all heroes are supported with maxed or highly leveled epic troops.

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