Poseidon - High expectations - Atlantis hero

Ok, what we got…

Some info about him…
IMHO must have hero for left flank (maybe tank) what do you think?


Counterpart to Onatel and Guin.

Next must have tank? :wink:

I think he’ll be a good sniper, pairing well with jackal, as per usual with holy snipers. Do I think he’s a must have… nah, but he’ll be nice in a 3/2 dark holy stack vs guin and a solid counter to hel, although I don’t see her as often on defense as guin. A lot of the time, his secondary abilities will go unnoticed, and other times they’ll be what save your bacon. Would love to add him as I lack a holy sniper, and a holy fighter would provide me needed holy diversity. Will pull for him and Ariel together when I get the chance.

And Hel.

Twenty Onaguinels.


The question is… what kind of mana speed he will have :question: average? :wink:

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Fast is what he’s currently listed at, which I feel is best, anything lower wouldn’t be ideal.

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He’s basically joon with mana block instead of accuracy debuff. he will be better then joon probably on everything but titans. But he shouldn’t be vastly better, either or that’s a design fail.

Fast means I’m in a buying mood either this Atlantis or next Atlantis when Ariel and Poseidon are both featured. Those two are too tempting to walk away from without taking a swing. Going to have to do at least a ten pull and the coins I’ve been hoarding.

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I’m hoping for April atlantis, give me a bit more time… went a bit to hard for Ariel last time and didn’t end up with her. He is listed as fast in beta though, unless that’s changed, which I can’t imagine, so certainly worth trying for … although atlantis… it hates me.

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I may be a strange guy, but i really don’t want heroes so bad designed. (i mean the artwork, Ariel too)

Eyes want their part.


Poseidon seems a little too situational for my tastes, especially since I already have Aeron to help block negative Mana debuffs in addition to all other debuffs. Depending on his stats, he may be a solid yellow sniper, but so is Joon, and I already have him too.

I’m still planning to do pulls for Atlantis since it would be my last chance to get Frida, but I’m not going to go crazy trying to get Poseidon.

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I’m a sucker for yellow heroes since I don’t have any, (worth mentioning at least).

I already have Frieda so if I wait until next Atlantis in April will Poeisdon still be available? I’m not great at waiting but I could think about it, at least.

Once in, he’ll always be pullable in Atlantis gate, since he wasn’t a HotM.

When Tarlak, Ariel and Poseidon will be inside, I’ll willingly go for another 30 and give my hard fought 400 coins.

Barring a very radical change to the Atlantis Summons cycle, the featured Season 2 Legendary heroes will be:

March: Poseidon and either Ariel OR Atomos

April: Poseidon and whichever of Ariel or Atomos wasn’t repeated in the upcoming March Summons


I can’t wait … oh, oh :grin::joy::rofl:

I’m aiming to have 400 coins by next Thursday too, and the question becomes if it is Atomos, would it be better to wait until the end of April for my 4 pulls? (Not that I would be able to, I just wonder if that is what I should do lol)

Anyone else think Poseidon looks…derpy?

I feel like they are going to make us wait for the Ariel/Poseidon combo. Feel like this will be Atomos/Poseidon.

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That’s my unofficial guess too, mostly because I’m still hoping for Frida, and I’m mentally preparing myself for the risk of ending up with Atomos. :laughing:

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Would much rather Frida than the future red HoTM that is being floated around. Maybe Atomos will surprise us :yum: