Poseidon bug?

I just reduced mana from Poseidon after he attack with his special. First with Chao, then with Leonidas. Resist new negative mana effect didn’t work.

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I assume you didn’t by chance use a dispeller before firing Chao or Leonidas, right?

Was this in a Raid, War, or Atlantis?

New version has lot of bugs!

War, no, no dispell. My team: Chao, Leonidas, Wu, Boril, Kiril.

Thanks! I can’t test in War at the moment, but I’ll see if I can find a Raid today to test in.

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I had a similar bug.

Poseidon fired his special and cleared Proteuses mana stop…

I sure hope it’s a bug…

To the OP: Poseidon’s special only block effects, not direct reduction. Guinevere still reduces mana with his buff active too.

Fearfury: Only thing I can think of in your case is if Proteus’ effect expired the turn Poseidon fired.

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He fired same turn after I fired Proteus

Not true… special includes mana cuts

Unless they changed somethin and i missed it

Haven’t used him vs guin for awhile since been runnin mono

Huh…could have sworn it didn’t block direct reductions before. Haven’t tested it for awhile either so may be mistaken

Just tested, no change - his special still blocks Guin’s mana cut.

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