Poseidon and what is "usage of Special Skills"

So, I’m assuming this is a known issue/feature but, as per Poseidon card:

All allies resist new effects that block usage of Special Skills for 3 turns

Now, the wording means - to me - that Poseidon’s buff makes his allies resistant to stuff like silencing or mindless attack, but…
It blocks Hel/Proteus managain eraser too.

I get that not gaining mana has consequences, but this is a legit stretch: it’s not like Hel prevents an enemy whose mana bar is full from firing.

At the very least the wording is unfit.

that’s the second part of Poseidon’s special: All allies resist new negative mana effects for 3 turns


Cool, 2+ years he is out and I always missed that line…
Shame on me :scream:


:rofl: tbh i use him mostly cause of the 2nd line and always forgetting about the 1st

That is why embleming Poseidon is still worth it.


Yep, one of the things I just couldn’t get :rofl:

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