Poseidon 19th emblem

Crit or Mana speed for the 19th emblem?
Which is more beneficial to him. I use 4 star Mana troop on him usually but also have a 4 star crit troop decently leveled

In rush war and tournament, if we choose mana node, then we only need Mana Troop level 5, and give mana troop lvl 11 for other yellow heroes.
Otherwise it does not significant for fast heroes to put mana, except maybe if we have any other mana buff like Mica or Neith.


Mana node. Getting your specials off quicker is very important. If you are yellow stacking then you except some high tile damage already with a decent board when raiding. Mana is also preferable for war. The less health the less points can be scored against your defence.


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