Portland, Oregon E&Pers?

Are there any other Rose City Empires & Puzzle players here on the forum?

Would love to hear from you!

try craigslist or something

No, I mean here on the forum. Not looking to meet anyone in real life, just wanted to gauge this game’s impact in a city like Portland, that prides itself on its interest in all types of gaming.

But thanks, that was super helpful of you.


20 hipsters on bikes

Theres an alliance called Proud Boys that claims to be from that area… saw them in general chat.

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I have seen some i general chat talking about being from the west coast, Im sure some are up that way.

Rose City here :grinning: I was just wondering if anyone else around here was addicted so did a google search for empires and puzzles portland or, and here this was. I can’t really speak to this games impact locally as I work too much in addition to other hobbies and school, so unfortunately I don’t think I can help you much.




Lmao, that post pretty much made my day :rofl:

Oregon Ducks and its sister alliance The Wise Quackers have some Oregon people not surprisingly. I don’t know if any hit the forums aside from me though.

Hey hey! How goes it?!

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Hey Rudo, just another overcast day! Had to revive your thread here.

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thanks! I hear ya. About as Portland, as Portland gets!

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Ahhh Portland…


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