Portal Summons Odds - Visualized

You run the risk of not even getting a Dawa! :sweat_smile:

Good catch; have updated.

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Updated for Costume Chamber, Season 5, and fixed a single digit accounting error on the number of S1 3* & 4* heroes (Renfeld made for an extremely weak 4*…)

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For bonus draws, every time you make a spin on one of those portal based wheels (Not HA10 for example) you get a spin on the HOTM wheel. This wheel has 2 sectors, No HOTM (98.7%) and HOTM (1.3%)

So for example if you make a 10x spin on Halloween 2022 wheel, you also make a 10x spin on HOTM wheel.

No need to add extra slices on any wheel to represent the bonus draws.


Nice visual charts :slight_smile:

Mighty Pets finally added. Busy week


Charts have been added for War of 3 Kingdoms and Covenant of Champions.

CofC was interesting to capture. I opted for creating separate pie slices for 3* and 4* down the lines of S1 or not. If your first roll is a 3* or 4* you have a 45% chance to pull a non S1 hero. On the flip side if your roll results in a non featured 5* you have a 75% chance for it to be not S1.

I’m guessing event will not only have additional Monster Hunter heroes as time passes but perhaps a rotating roster.


Thank you so much for working on these. :medal_sports:

Season 2 has been up for a few days. Just added Styx. So many events have just a 14.6% chance to get an event hero. I suppose that keep the novelty up…

I do like that fated summons is now a thing at least.

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Thnx for all your work!

The 14,6% chance for event hero’s is ridiculous. At this rate we better get fated summons for event rare and epic as well…


The probability is very low I did 2 pulls out of 10 in a port and it didn’t give me anything. I decided to never invoke again and play with what the game gives and if it’s not enough then I’ll leave it.

These graphics were an amazing idea!

Looking at these pie charts, it’s a wonder I have any non-season1 legendaries at all, let alone multiple.

One thing is for sure, looking at these graphics makes me not want to summon at all.

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I’ve added the Black Friday portal. 263 5*! It actually has the second best 5* summoning odds as of this post.

The hero table (currently 2nd pie from the top) is such that I should probably transpose the axis but…its already done? I also should have baked in a vlookup in my tracking spreadsheet to cut down on typing. Ah well its done at least.


Thank you, that´s excellent :100:

Nothing happens when I hit spin …