Portal summon


I was looking Zeline for a portal, here is the result:

20 000 gems
5* heroes - 0
4* heroes - 14
3* heroes - 62
Zeline - 0

10 000 gems
5* heroes - 0
4* heroes - 8
3* heroes - 25
Zeline - 0

it’s all yesterday… I was deceived somewhere …


Wow that is the worst set of pulls I’ve seen no 5* in 30k gems I’m sorry for u


Oh wow, that’s unbelievable that you didn’t at least get a Zeline, esp when someone on the Zeline thread got 2 in 4 pulls. So sorry. If you have a lottery near you, consider playing that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Duh, ever consider some kind of… exorcism?


Wow, feel bad, but if it’s any consolation (sorry, the best I can do) I’ve heard of people that have spent much more, like, 8 times what you spent and still didn’t get the HOTM…And others get them two or even three times. Go figure…


We’re you pulling Epic or Elemental? Doesn’t explain the lack of Zeline, but the 5* shortage is extreme bad luck.


Some get them five times (not in one 10x pull but still…).


I got her twice. Once in a x10 pull and a second as a bonus on a single pull…Go figure. The worst part is that she’ll just sit on the back burner for a long time as I have many others I rather work on…