🐰 Portal Stats & Summon Results – Springvale 2021

Happy Easter to you as well @SamMe Quite some luck with the MV but not so much with the pulls hehe, it’s like getting a gold ring and afterwards it turned out to be a fake :rofl: :sweat_smile:

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35 or so EHTs, no Event 5☆. Tsk. Passed up chances at MN and Krampus too.

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28 EHT…good pulls…have Sir +18…only Lepus missing


8 ETH.

I’m fine for this month.


I’m at my wit’s end

The only 5* I had [from Springvale] before? Master Lepus* (x2)

& After 90 pulls (80 EHT saved + 10 pull) over the course of this event so far…

  • Three more Lepuses - cuz who doesn’t need a whole team of em, right?! Sigh

(I don’t even have three Woolertons lol like wtf)

:poop: like this makes me wanna quit the game out of spite, oof… (Yes, I’m a lil annoyed) :sweat_smile:


I know the pain, even though in your case Id gladly take one of your Lepuses :slight_smile:

I have like 5 Norns from Valhalla (never did I pull when they were featured), and around 3-4 Fenrirs (also not getting one when featured), but no ratatoskr (who was available from start), or many other Valhalla heroes… :slight_smile:

Was incredibly lucky one day and pulled Lepus and Killhare :fire:
Now I’d appreciate scoring the sheep lady


My roster has the weakest yellow color, so I pulled 10 for Lady Woolerton.
And a nice surprise :hugs::hugs::hugs:
Now I got the seasonal event hero I wanted the most!


Congrats, squire wabbit is still a great hero :wink:


Don’t be silly, obviously s/he’s talking about Chick Jnr.


Killhare showed up from 3 spent tokens, after 240 pulls from s4 with only 1 richard S1 coming up… bittersweet but still far far behind from average expected pulls :slight_smile:


Just did my Springvale pulls - 42 coin pulls + one 10x

zero 5*… not even Hotm… only 2 Sheep and 1 Jack O’hare…

very disappointed…

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