🎃 Portal Stats & Summon Results – Return to Morlovia (Halloween) 2021

So got an EHT from MT and Morlovia event making this number 43 and 44, resulting in a Gunnar and another worthless Jack… why even bother

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His orginal version isn’t max (grey symbol) so stats should be higher :thinking:

When his outfit is maxxed the normal stats will indeed get even higher from the costume bonus. Funny note, he got his third Frank tonight from a single pull :woozy_face:

I finally found a team with Skadi (in our current war) and yeah you were right, Vanda cannot resist the stacks. I dont know if they changed it or it was like this all along but for some reason i really remembered that Vanda could resist the stacks.


Thanks for your info.


Did one last pull when I finished playing the normal levels and got my cFrank finally!! Took 45 pulls but happy to still get him in the end.


Used all my saved Tokens and got dupes. Bought the 600 gem deal from underwild and first gem pull in Morlovia got me my Francine!! I’m done now :joy:


I completed Normal difficulty, and used the EHT reward…


RNG seems to enjoy playing with me. It has sent me 4x dark, 2x ice, and 1x nature heroes from this portal so far.

Hopefully we will see other people getting (more) successful summons this month.


Nice to see so many having good luck on this. I have used about 15 so far including what I got for rewards so far from the event. This portal has never been overly kind to me despite it having my favourite selection of the seasonal heroes. It has only ever given me vlad. Would love any of the 4s or 5s but particularly francine.

So far though nothing. Other than Krampus I’m not too bothered about Xmas summons so not really interested in saving for there ( I use LotL on defence already, can’t see me replacing that with MN outside of VF, where I’d likely use both anyway) it will be spring before I use any more ehts which should hopefully after this ends.

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Got the calendar offer this morning aaand…

As soon as I finish my dupe Onyx, he’s next. 12 Tabards waited for some good purple project.

Still no Frank which is weird since I already pulled 2 Francines and Victor. Would still try my luck for Vanda though as the portal stays open, though not investing any gems here, just tokens, so it may be tough.


It’s amazing how a 0.1% makes a huge difference and I feel like it’s quite easy to get these heroes. I got 3 victors already. No Vanda yet which I really need to update my red roster

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I got an EHT from raid tournament, and I used it…


My tally of pulls (all S1 dupes) so far:

4x :purple_circle: Rigard, Prisca, Oberon, Rigard
2x :large_blue_circle: Valen, Grimm
2x :green_circle: Mel, Berden

I think next time I’ll get a fire hero (just to tease me). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah, RNG is strange…
I have used about only 5-6 EHTs so far, and I have received two Valeries and


13 pulls and the “best” was a Hu Tao, the rest all 3* :roll_eyes:…I’m so lucky with my bad luck, saving tokens for Christmas now, who knows :crossed_fingers:


Congrats and jealous. I have base Victor +18 so if I get his costume he gets maxed out immediately. Would be worthvile to have even two maxed C-Victors because of their DoT, but I just used my Tabards to max Lepiota.


Fell for todays EHT deal, 8 pulls got me Kadilen (the first pull) and 0 Halloween heroes. Now a total of 34-35 pulls and no Frank costume/5*s :frowning: Atleast Kadilen was one of the best S1 hero I could get as I have her costume, but only had 1 of her. So if I get very unlucky with greens and my tonics starts to flood I might ascend 2nd cKadilen.


After contemplating, I decided to use all my EHTs yesterday, as I will probably just use gems in December for the Christmas heroes. I got C. Victor, 3rd copy of Richard, and Valeria from all the 20 tokens I used.

Francine is who I really wanted from this portal though. I thought I would miss out on getting her again this year…

Here comes the lone EHT I got from the Advanced Levels of Return to Morlovia. I decided to use it anyway, and look who I got:

My vampire trio is complete, and Francine will definitely improve my green roster because I only have three fully leveled 5* green heroes at the moment. 🧛‍♂️


I am curious if any of our Statistics and Math stars can share with us in which situations, if any, that 1% costume mana bonus can come handy, considering that most of these heroes are already fast and very fast. Maybe it’s in anyway helpful for Frank?

I have a hard time coming up with obvious cases where 1% mana is all that useful for V.Fast heroes.

A key breakpoint is 34%: for Fast heroes to get to 6 tiles… and for Slow heroes to get to 9 tiles.

If you have one of the +24% boosters (Khagan, Ariel, etc.) active and a level 11 Mana Troop (+9%) then that extra 1% from the Halloween costume would get you to 34%.


And this can be used for the only 1 slow Halloween costume: Frank.

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