🌑 Portal Stats & Summon Results – Lunar New Year 2024

She did it again



Oh wow from MV, buying a lotto ticket!

@dansing I can’t find that thread of yours, what’s the title please?


Congratulations :tada:


Got him on pull #13 and I stopped while still ahead. Love this card, especially given this year is year of the Dragon!


18 pulls, 8 with EHT and 10 witch PoG gems.

Damn dragon evades me …


100 more pulls (over a few sessions), because it is the Lun(isol)ar New Year! It was a tad painful RNG-wise because in my last ten, I got a Vivica first, then two Laohus. Dang it, those Laohus could have been Qinglong or Xiaotu! Argh…

Should I pull some more? Qinglong is the elusive prize. It’s the Year of the Dragon after that… Let’s see whether any more good EHT offers pop up.

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I just want the dragon dangit lol. New to me though, so I can’t complain. 50 pulls have netted me this and the ox


Mv gave a free eht, and i grabbed this guy


Got today’s cheap offers and 2x free EHT and got this.

Ox is dupe, but Laohu is new and I like his design a lot, so he will be maxed despite lower stats. Satisfied.


My last seasonal summons of the year yielded my second Laohu of this portal. Ended with 2 Lahou and one Ox. Really really wanted the dragon, don’t even care about how he performs, just love dragons and think the artwork is beautiful. Oh well, hopefully comes around in a pickup summons or something

Edit: from the 2600 gems from the vault, decided to do one last 10 pull… I now have every legendary from this portal but still not the one I wanted lol


Sorry to hear you didn’t get the one you wanted, but happy to hear your final attempt gave you the 2nd most desirable Lunar hero :sweat_smile:

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Thank you. Yeah, I can’t complain about the heroes I did get, but the dragon is just so pretty lol

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I got all three except the Ox which is the one I wanted the most. Hate RNG so much.

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I got Ox twice and Tiger once. Not fond of Ox dupe, would like bunny because she’s so far one of two heroes who hurts on healing (other being Mistweaver). Dragon would be nice too.

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So last day of portal (not counting 8h tomorrow) I decided to get those 8 x EHT offers and it paid off:

Believe it or not I wanted her more than dragon after going through dragon’s thread. She has debuff that causes healing hurt, which is great especially with those new heroes such as Jett or the like, where each heal causes damage separately. I have Mistweaver but wanted to have more such heroes because of need and diversity. So stoked!