Portal Bonification after completing Season

Basically, Atlantis/Valhalla/Underwild/Dunes (and future) portals could get a small update on appearances rates for summoning after completing them.

For example, current rates for Dunes:

Classic: Rare 19.6, Epic 11.9, Legendary 0.9
Season: Rare 51.4, Epic 14.6, Legendary 0.6
Featured: 1.0

After completing the season (clearing ALL stages), rates could change to:

Classic: Rare 13.1, Epic 7.1, Legendary 0.5
Season: Rare 56.4, Epic 19.6, Legendary 1.3
Featured: 2.0

And even after completing the season in Hard, another update could happen:

Classic: Rare 7.3, Epic 2.4, Legendary 0.3
Season: Rare 61.4, Epic 22.6, Legendary 2.0
Featured: 4.0

Numbers are just an example.