Pornographic adds on the Wiki site


Went to the Empires and Puzzles Wiki site to pick up some new game strategy, first thing I saw was an erect p e n i s, next was a woman’s posterior. Perhaps you should exercise some control over the adds you allow. Just my opinion.


That site isnt under Small Giant Games controll. Its a community generated site.

And arent those adds based on your previous search pattern and tailored to meet you demand? :wink:


Hi Azure,
Just wondering which Wiki site are you referring to in this thread. Are these the wikis?
If that is the one then somehow I have never even seen any Ads in there ( either on my mobile or PC) let alone the inappropriate ones like you are mentioning. So please clarify/post the link and then maybe we can flag it or refer links to it with some disclaimer lol. No screenshots of the Ads please :wink: :smile:

@Fledoble lol


this day and age if you dont have ad-blockers you have fail to learn anything about the internet.


If you mean I see no ads.

If you mean, I got a Fast & Furious Overdrive commercial.


Actually, no they are not. This was my FIRST visit to the site. I don’t use Wiki for research, now I know why.


Oh, how helpful. Since this was my first visit to the site the adds were not tailored to my search patterns. Thank you so much for your response.


Ah, I see it is my ignorance that caused the problem. Good to know. I don’t suppose you could give useful instructions on add blockers?


Ronin, the site you show is the one I used. I just sent Coppersky the list of links I used. I haven’t mastered screen shots, can’t figure it out.
Thank you for your time.


depends on which browsers u are using. google search browser name+ ad blocker. pick top rated ones.


Actually the search results tailoring is not dependent on whether you have visited the given site before. Some adds are based on your search history, so for instance if you’re visiting plenty of websites about cat care/buying cat food online etc, you may open a website about sweaters to find a gift for your granny and be offered to buy a pack of cat food in an add. Even if you’ve never been to the sweater page ever.

Additionally, it’s also possible that a computer virus will plug in normally non-existent adds into the pages you view. It can manifest in various ways - even something like randomly clickable underlined words that then lead to malicious sites.

You can find free antivirus software on-line if you don’t have any. There are also compilations that list the best ones available in the given year. Google something like ‘best free antivirus 2017’.

There are also programs that can scan your PC for resident malware and help you remove it. I think one such would be “Malware Bytes”. There’s also “Spybot Search & Destroy”.

Since nobody else seems to see any adds on the site it might be some filth on your own computer.


Let’s not assume anything here. I think the anti-malware is an excellent suggestion. Let’s start there.


I looked into the site that Azure posted. It’s listed as a third party site on Dragone’s Wiki. It does run ads, and they appear to be generated by the site, not our browsing history. Given the types of ads, I’m inclined to believe some type of malware like Ellilea suggested. I will remove the link for now, and keep an eye on it for a bit. If nothing comes up I’ll add it back. Just to play it on the conservative side.


I appologize for any offence given, it was merely an attempt at a joke :slight_smile:


Thank you Fledoble apology accepted with gratitude. I have often benefited from your posts.


Thanks for your suggestion, I do have antivirus and malware apps on my phone, both are rated #1 by wired magazine. I appreciate your time and effort to help.


Thank you Resol, I have followed your advice.