Porkshops & Appleshawse is recruiting

Looking for a few 3500 to 4000 Defense team power players to strengthen our alliance.

21 of us have been together more than 6 months and we have never recruited. A few groups of us are friends or family in RL. We were regularly taking down 8* Titans and occasionally beating 9* but we lost a couple players and need to grow.

We are Active… using all war hits and more than 3 titan flags most of the time. But we are casual - we don’t coordinate war attacks or chat about strategy much. 24 members currently… Six over 4000 defense and 11 over 3500. Appreciate consideration!

I was left the leader of a struggling alliance. I’ve held it together for several months, but it’s time to move on. Please check out QDog for my stats (I just crossed 3500 defense). I’m active, and I’m constantly improving. I’m a daily player, hit titans, participate in wars. Let me know if I’m right for you.

Thanks for joining Q. Close to taking back to back 8*, but work week impacts titan hits. Nice Titan damage :grin:

Could use a few more active players. Give us a try.

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