Poppy VS Dawa

Poppy is better than Dawa even costumed! Yea i said it! CHANGE MY MIND

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She has better stats, she is faster, she has an underwild bonus and she hits harder most of the time.


POPPY FTW! :innocent: trust me I have her and 2 more waiting to be level to max!.

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No chance…


That being said, Dawa should honestly at least get buffed to Karil level damage.


I don’t get giving a hero a costume, but it really doesn’t increase your desire to use them.

Almost any new 3* holy hero is still better than she is…Poppy, Melina?, Pixie…

Or Bjorne, she basically does what he does but weaker

I don’t get it. Is this something that is out there?

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No idea, but Steven Crowder is not known for being a mental giant but more of a serial troller. Change my mind.


Somebody told me off the other week for lack of respect to Dawa’s costume. I now feel vindicated.

The big question though is, Poppy or Pixie? Both for preference! But I prioritise Pixie because a) I had her first and b) mana control innit?

Poppy performs much better.
TBH Poppy is, in her league, extremely overpowered (nobody mentioned the passive +30% on first skill usage).

Proof: you see her a lot in very fast RT despite that being a formula that should penalise her.